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The Creepiest True Stories Culled From Years Of Ask Reddit Threads

By Jodi Smith | Social Media | October 17, 2019 |

By Jodi Smith | Social Media | October 17, 2019 |


Halloween is on its way and there’s no better time than now to turn out all of the lights, burrow into a blanket, and read allegedly true tales of creepiness from Reddit users. I’ve gone through several Ask Reddit threads to bring you some of the best stories for questioning your choice to take an unmarked shortcut, answer the door at night, or just exist in a space with other people.

Please note some of the stories may be triggering.

Original Post

UncleCoyote: Oh, I’ve told this before, but it’s perfect and the thread is young, so:

Small apartment, new wife, first kid. In order to get into the kitchen from the living room you had slalom past the couch, a computer desk, and into the doorway. For an adult, this is fine. For a child who was just learning to run and a computer desk that was at the perfect “Make sure your kid eats crayons and can only count to spaghetti” height, it was a nightmare.

I was tired, positioned on one end of the couch and trying to watch TV. I had just worked a million hours at the factory and just wanted some peace. ZOOM. My daughter runs by me at “I can’t wait to wear a helmet” speeds and I catch her before she bonks off the desk.

I tell her to stop running to the kitchen and go back to dazing in front of the TV.

ZOOM! She tries it again, giggling, thinking it is now a game. I’m tired, I’m cranky, and now I’m trying to keep a kid from making sure her only college choice is “burger”, while my wife watches TV on the other end of the couch.

I turn her around, yell at her more sternly, and repeat this game about 3 more times. Then, half asleep I watch in horror as a little blonde head zooms past me, and into the kitchen.

I lose my shit. I jump up, yelling, and stomp into the kitchen just in time to see the cupboard under the sink close.

“What in the HELL are you doing?!” I yell.

“What….what in the hell was that?” My wife asks behind me, wide-eyed and pale, my young daughter mostly asleep in her arms.

We never, ever looked, and moved soon after.

definitelymy1account: My parents’ bedroom is at the front of the house, immediately at the front door. My mum goes out maybe once a year, and one night she came in at maybe 2AM for her annual girls night. She took her shoes off and headed upstairs to me and my siblings’ bedrooms to say goodnight. My dad sleeps like a log, but for some unexplained reason, he was aware that the front door opened for a second time. It took him a few seconds to make it to the front door, and my mum was halfway up the stairs, but a random man was standing inside the house. Seeing my dads shocked face, he said “The house a couple doors down is being robbed, I was trying to tell someone”, and then RAN OUTSIDE and down the street.

The chances that this man happened to catch my mum on the rare occasion she went out, and basically the unheard of occasion she didn’t lock the door behind her, and my dad manages to protect the family. I have screamed bloody murder and he hasn’t stirred. I can’t imagine what would have happened and this guy was any luckier. My mum maybe never would have made it up the driveway, or we all could have been in danger.

Original Post

Whackjob-KSP: I’ve told this story here before. I used to take walks in the woods of Appalachia quite a bit when I was younger. I’ve told the story of turnarounds, so this time I’ll just remember the basement. I came across a really old clapboard house. It was so old and decrepit that the floors had fallen in, and only parts of the outside walls and some of the chimney still stood. I looked at it for a minute, and then a thought pops in my head.

Ah, if I go around the right side and around the back, I’ll find some stairs leading down to the basement. I’m already here, I might as well go say hello. I walked around the house’s right side and found the stairs. I went down them and I knocked on the door. After the second knock, I hear someone on the other side scrabbling at the locks on the other side, like in a huge rush. I heard them mutter to themselves, “Just a minute, don’t go, don’t go…”

All at once I realized where I was, what I was doing, and the fact that someone was about to open that door. I got the hell out of there, fast. I’ve never been back.

Original Post

Lowtiercomputer: Buddy and I were hiking at dawn during a camping trip. Walking along a path and I hear a zing like a bird chirp by my ear. A second or so later a tree kind of pops next to my buddy. It’s at this point we realized there was an accompanying crack and we’d been shot at. We informed the park ranger around noon he ended up finding an old guy hunting illegally. Not sure if he was charged with anything.
EtsuRah: When I was a kid, about 12 or so, my dad would always wake me up in the middle of the night to go hunting. I fucking hate hunting.

A few weeks prior to this night I saw an episode of “are you afraid of the dark” about the jersey devil. I was on edge because I knew my dad would make me go hunting soon and we sometimes hunt in Jersey.

Sure as shit, he wakes me up one morning at like 3am and we are off to the woods in Jersey in pitch black so that he could be there and all set up before the deer come out.

I’m up in the stand, starting to calm down, when I see a little figure on the ground. It’s human, with a face I can barely make out since it’s a bit far in the distance, but I know it’s human, and it’s like 2-3 feet tall.

I’m losing my shit but don’t want to say anything because I know my dad will just tell me to suck it up.

I stare at this fucker for at least 4 hours until we get down from the stand and walk towards it to leave.

It’s a fucking lawn gnome. Miles and miles into the deep woods. There’s no roads for a looooong while and certainly no houses. How the fuck did a gnome get there? The stand we were in wasn’t even a permanent stand. It was one we out up when we got there.

thekeezler: Just a few weeks ago we were on a roadtrip from BC to San Diego and we came upon a campsite just outside of crescent city California. We drove through, one side of the campground was relatively empty, I noticed a few scattered tents but nobody close to the location we ended up picking. We had tons of space.

We wanted an early night so I started a fire while my girlfriend started cooking. We ate, had a few beers, and climbed up to our rooftop tent (tepui) with our dog by 9pm or so. I had a rough time sleeping and woke up a few times but finally fell into a decent sleep.

In the pitch dark with all of our tent windows and canvasses closed i was awoken at 1am by someone whistling outside of our tent the tune of “when the saints come marching in”. After a few minutes of this repetitive whistling I nudged my girlfriend who awoke and was obviously freaked out as well. The whistling then turned to chanting things like “when you sleep here you disrespect me, and when you disrespect me you disrespect the US Marines!” The person would then start spelling out words like “F.L.E.E”. The verbiage and tone kept getting more aggressive so we decided we had to make a move. I slowly unzipped the tent while our guard dog was snoring and got my head out if the tent. I took a few seconds to let my eyes adjust and figure out where the person was. I felt more confident once I could somewhat see and hear so I climbed down and the girlfriend passed me the dog and she climbed down too. We flipped the tent up without securing it and we jumped into a truck (while the person was still whistling) to a motel in crescent city.

The next morning we drove back to get the few belongings that weren’t in the truck and a family who had been camping a few sites over said it went on for another 2-3 hours and it was the scariest thing their family had ever experienced.

Original Post

Chouston3: I was house sitting in a huge house and set up a canary camera near my bedroom. I had an uneasy feeling someone else was in the house with me so I set up the camera just to make sure no one came near my room. In the middle of the night someone approached it from behind and turned it so it faced a blank wall. Then a few minutes later turned it back the way it was before. It tripped the canary and I got a notification on my phone. I saw it and searched the house thoroughly the next morning and never found anything. Needless to say, I slept with my door locked the rest of my time there.

Original Post

Imported_Thighs: Closest I’ve got to a haunted house is a haunted room:

I used to sleep on the 2nd floor (the bottom one being the 1st) and my sister in the attic. She used to have sleep paralysis often. Then she moved out and now I have her old room.

She no longer has sleep paralysis, but I do.

K1MBOL33: So my husband and I rented a really old house. We had to fix it up a bit before my son came home from the hospital. (He was very premature. In NICU for almost 5 months.) We took down the wallpaper and painted, took down the popcorn ceiling, the whole 9 yards. The basement was very unfinished and vandalized by the teenagers that lived there before. Swastikas everywhere. We didn’t bother finishing it because we didn’t really need the room. I went down there once out of the year we lived there. Creepy feeling. Like someone was watching you, pissed. Sometimes that creepy feeling would come upstairs. I would give it a week or so thinking it was in my head and then I would sit in the car with the baby while my husband burned sage to clear it out. He says the feeling while he did so was heavy. Very angry and he would see figures coming at him through the smoke. There were countless experiences there. The 2 that stick out in my head are as followed.

I was showering and the baby was in a little bouncer seat in the doorway. I open the curtain and just as I do the can of air freshener that was sitting on the back of my toilet goes flying twords my baby. If the door wasn’t just slightly shut it would have nailed him. I went full on bat shit crazy. I started yelling telling them if they are gonna mess with anyone mess with me. He is just a baby, blah blah blah. As I’m doing so the detachable shower head I had went flying off at me, hit the end of his rope and swings down. Shut me right up.

My husband and I were in bed. My son in his room right down the very small hallway, fast asleep. We had a baby monitor because he was on oxygen and therefore on a pulse ox monitor so I wanted to be able to hear his alarm go off. So my husband and I were laying in bed together. We usually will talk for a while and then say our good nights and fall asleep. We say our good nights this particular night and not even 5 minutes later we both hear, clear as day, a little girl laughing in the baby monitor. My husband jumped up out of bed ready to kick some ass. But I already knew no one was there. I was stunned. Literally. Couldn’t move until finally I fell asleep. … I do not miss that place.

Original Thread

chrisfarleyfanclub: About 4 years ago I moved in with my friend, he didn’t tell me before hand he was having trouble with vandals. We kept getting stuff broken like our porch light or doorbell. One night I heard two people talking outside so I grab my gun and look out the peep hole. It was dark, but I could see someone in a dark hoodie I didn’t think to turn on the light I just ripped the door open and ran outside. I tripped over someone that was kneeling down that I didn’t see. I grabbed ahold of him while we both were on the ground. He started yelling and the other guy started to kick me stomping my head into the concrete. Then it felt as if I lost control of my actions, I grabbed my gun and pulled the trigger. It just clicked but I kept pulling the trigger for some reason. I didn’t chamber a bullet. One yells he has a gun and they book it. I layed on the ground for a minute until I come to my senses and get up. I smelled something weird so I investigate. My welcome matt and side walls and door are covered in lighter fluid. The house never got vandalized after. I always keep a round in the chamber now.

Original Post

wesailtheharderships: Years ago when I was 8 my family lived in this big weird house kind of on the edge of a small town. The school district was in the middle of a big restructuring so even though we were only a couple grades apart my brother and I went to different schools and took different buses. This left me as the last person to leave in the morning and the first person to get home in the afternoon, which meant it was my job to make sure all the lights were off and the door was locked.

One morning I noticed the basement door was open and the light was on so before I left I turned off the light and closed the door. When I got home that afternoon the light was on and the door was open again. I just assumed that I’d forgotten to actually take care of it when I noticed it in the morning so I went over to turn off the light and close the door. When I got to the top of the basement stairs I looked and there was a big shadowy male figure towards the bottom of the staircase. I freaked out, slammed the door and pushed a bunch of boxes against it and then went and hid in my closet. For months I didn’t tell my family because I was positive what I had seen was a ghost and didn’t think anyone would believe me.

Then about a year after that incident my mom and her boyfriend realized that small amounts of money had been going missing for months (totaling around $800-900, but never more than $60 at once). So we all walked around the house with flashlights trying to figure out how they could have gotten in. Turns out some creep was climbing in through a small hole in the outside of the house, shimmying through a crawl space, then coming up into the house through the basement. Realizing I had been alone in the house with him on at least one occasion was one of the worst, most terrifying moments I’ve ever had.

gael_the_druid: I moved in to another town. I was surprised by people who looked as they knew me, even though I saw them for the very first time. And everyone around was so rude, despite of all other sources telling how friendly people there were. I was also greeted by “oh no, you again?” in one place where I went for the first time. I was looking for a room for rent, and one of the owners told me that he won’t rent it to me, because “my co-tenants saw me following and stalking them”. I was like “what the fuck? Am I doing things and forgetting? Is something wrong with my mental health?”

Then, I went abroad for 3 months. No such thing was happening there. Everything was normal. I thought “Guess it’s just a local culture, they do that to get rid of newcomers”

Once I returned, I went to a fast-food to leave my CV - the guy said “You were here a month ago, and it hasn’t changed. We aren’t recruiting”. Right, I was on another continent. I couldn’t have just bought 2 airplane tickets, spent several days, and just forgetting about it. And my bank account wouldn’t forget, anyway. That’s when I started to understand what’s going on.

And then one day, I finally saw myself on the CCTV, trying to steal something. Right. Stealing, following people and stalking, and being disliked, makes sense. There was some thief who looked exactly like me, even had similar hairstyle (which was in fashion around)

As of now, I already know of 2 guys who look identically like me.

BigBadAl: My friend’s boss bought an Audi A4 convertible, back when they were new and interesting. One of the talking points was the pop-up roll hoops that were hidden unless you rolled it.

A few months after buying it he got to test those roll hoops out, as he lost control and skidded down a steep bank about 10m (~35ft) deep.

The roll hoops did their job, and he survived with just cuts and scratches from the bushes he’d plowed through. The car ended up the right way up and he got out, walked back up the bank to the side of the road, then got on the phone to the police to report the accident. While he was standing there a driver from a car that had seen the accident came over to speak to him.

Approaching from behind the other driver asked if he was okay. My friend’s boss turned around to reply and dropped dead. His neck had been fractured, but was in one piece right up until he turned his head, when it severed his spinal cord.

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