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Redditor Makes Claim About Neil Gaiman and 'American Gods,' Neil Gaiman Shows Up in the Comments to Set Him Straight

By Petr Knava | Social Media | April 25, 2018 |

By Petr Knava | Social Media | April 25, 2018 |


I’m a big fan of people showing up without warning to respond to people complaining about them. Whether it’s people creating incredible works of art in response to official complaints, or just showing up in a Reddit thread to drip sarcasm all over a student’s whine. I just get a big kick out of it. No idea why. The latest entry in this unofficial series is not nearly as dramatic as those instances, but it tickled me nevertheless.

Here on Pajiba we love the work of Neil Gaiman. We’re very much looking forward to the anticipated adaptation of his classic collaboration with Terry Pratchett, ‘Good Omens’; and the Starz series, American Gods, based on his eponymous opus, has thus far been a flawed but striking and bold piece of work. It was in a Reddit thread discussing the latter work—and specifically, the departure of the original showrunners after the first season—that the author reared his tousled-hair head to set the record straight after some misconceptions were laid out. You can check out the full thread here, but as the inciting comment has been removed you will only see Gaiman’s reply there. Here, this is what the conversation looks like with the original post included:

The show is pretty close to the book… bit more character development that a single novel can provide which is awesome. Season 2 has been a mess in the works… Gaiman himself has removed himself from the show, as well as show runner producer Bryan Fuller so I’m not going to check out season 2.

So there you have it, American Gods fans. Consider the record straightened.

And we can now add Neil Gaiman to one of those people who you never know when they might pop up somewhere on Reddit. The late Verne Troyer was one such Redditor; as is Val Kilmer, who not only gives great ‘AMA’, but who is now quite famous in Reddit circles as being capable of appearing in completely arbitrary threads, as well as sometimes when he is summoned.

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