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I Don't Think a Single Tweet Has Ever Made Me Feel This Sick

By Petr Navovy | Social Media | August 23, 2018 |

By Petr Navovy | Social Media | August 23, 2018 |


I’ve seen a lot of things on the world wide web. A lot of twisted, heinous things, that come at you fast, from a dark corner or a blind spot, and that leave you…changed.

Well, driver, stop the internet, I want to get off. Because I’ve never felt quite so sick as when I saw this monstrosity pop up on my timeline earlier:

That montage of loathing is Jeremy Hunt, Britain’s current Foreign Secretary, sat having tea with Henry Kissinger, who (among other things) served as Secretary of State under Presidents Nixon and Ford.

That tableau of terror is Jeremy Hunt, who in his prior role served as Britain’s Health Secretary and who helped spearhead the continued plunder and destruction of this country’s National Health Service so as to advance the neoliberal political class’ decades-long mission of finally privatising this nationally beloved monument to the idea that a person’s access to healthcare should not be dependent on the size of their wallet.

That’s him there having tea and smiling along with Henry Kissinger, war criminal and cold-blooded avatar of American exceptionalism, who claimed his place in the history books and signed his name there with the blood of hundreds of thousands.

That’s Jeremy Hunt, former Eton boy; PR man; co-author of a treatise on why Britain’s NHS should be privatised; friend to American health insurance companies who have squeezed every last dollar out of the veins of the American public and who now turn their eyes hungrily to the prize across the water. Jeremy Hunt who would eventually be entrusted by the Tories with the very same NHS that he swore to dismantle, and who would then go on to represent us on the world stage by continuing to cosy up to war criminals, blithely leaving behind the memory of people dying in hospital corridors, and the British Red Cross-termed ‘humanitarian crisis’ that arose in the NHS as a direct result of his actions.

That’s him there, one of the richest members of Parliament, smiling and having tea with Henry Kissinger, architect of the violent coup that murdered Chile’s Salvador Allende on September 11th, 1973 and that would lead to the river of blood that would almost drown the South American nation.

There they are.

Just two pals, having tea.


You want to see a picture of the British-American transatlantic ‘special relationship’? The real picture? Not the shiny, presentable side of it? Everything that it actually is and represents? That’s it right there. Blood and gold. It makes me sick.

Header Image Source: Twitter