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'Game of Thrones'' Syrio Forel is a Leftist On Twitter and Honestly That's My Tuesday Made

By Petr Knava | Social Media | November 12, 2019 |

By Petr Knava | Social Media | November 12, 2019 |


Honestly, one of the worst fu**ing things about the trail of faeces and apathy that was the sad and irrelevant ending stretch of Game Of Thrones is how much it tainted what came before. It’s actually kind of impressive. We should be congratulating that dunderheaded Goldman Sachs progeny and his mate for managing to invent time travel, as with their colossally vapid final moments running that show they managed to reach back in time and run their stupid sh*t-covered hands all over a decade of a once-beloved show, forever tainting many peoples’ perception of it and affecting their ability to enjoy it.

That’s certainly what happened with me anyway. I used to re-watch clips of GOT all the time, and felt one hell of a buzz. Gimme Dany torching that bitch who tried to trick her out of a dragon. Jaqen H’ghar bonding with Arya in Harrenhal. Literally anything that Tywin Lannister ever did. But now, even that’s difficult to do, with the knowledge of the noxious fart balloon floating off into space that it all ends up as. One of my—and everyone else’s—favourite characters was a really early one, and one that got out while the going was good: Syrio Forel, Arya’s dancing master/sword trainer from season one—played by Miltos Yerolemou with a sparkle in his eye and a disdain against those who would push those weaker than them around.

Here he is in all his glory:

Up until this morning I didn’t follow Yerolemou on Twitter. That all changed when I saw this Tweet pop up on my time line:

I saw that because it was retweeted by Ash Sarkar—who some of you may remember as the outspoken British leftist journalist who we have talked about before here as she put Piers Morgan in his rightful place. Ash retweeted it because, as you’ll see if you click through, Yerolemou was praising Ash herself, and she was—rightfully—freaking out about it.

I don’t know about you, but that interaction made me quite happy.

Imagine my delight when I pulled further on the thread and discovered that Syrio bloody Forrel is a quite outspoken leftist on Twitter.

Tuesday, made.

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