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Blackfishing Is The New White

By Mieka Strawhorn | Social Media | November 8, 2018 |

By Mieka Strawhorn | Social Media | November 8, 2018 |


I feel I should warn you, this one’s a doozie. There’s a thread, or rather, multiple threads that have been going around Twitter in the past couple days that highlight a trend in beauty and fashion called blackfishing (or n****rfishing, if you’re able). It touches on some deep social issues such as cultural appropriation, racial stereotyping, blackface, fetishization, misogyny, body dysmorphia, narcissism, and what I call the Kardashian Effect.

It seems to have all started last week when, hahaha, I can’t even finish that sentence with a straight face. It started centuries ago when white people decided that anybody who wasn’t also a white, was strange and exotic, and they wanted some of that otherness for themselves. But just a little, not so much that it would actually diminish their status or threaten their power, but enough to get the girls at the Roman Baths gagging over the braids their servant/slave hooked them up with. The 2018 version of that is happening on Instagram. White Insta models have been darkening their skin, throwing on wigs, getting box braids, and presenting to many people’s eyes, as black.

Here’s how it started this week. Twitter user @yeahboutella was alerted that an Instagram model she followed, whom she assumed was a sister, was actually a model from Sweden named Emma Hallberg.

Somebody reached out to Emma to double check her negro credentials. Because you never know, they do have black folks in Sweden now. Turns out, she is not one of them.

Nothing fishy going on here. Emma’s just really, really, tan, OK? And happens to be a connoisseur of fine black culture. If people thought she was black, well, she’d probably take it as a compliment! Emma’s a big star in Sweden. Her “exotic” look probably has a lot to do with her success. It’s profitable for Emma to have full lips, dark skin, and curves where a lot of her Swedish brethren do not. Now, I’m not saying she’s paid for those traits, but I am saying she gets paid for those traits.

Once Emma’s presentation as person of very, very, very, tan color got exposed, a whole gaggle of other models displaying varying degrees of audacity were brought to the surface, and the term n****rfishing, or blackfishing, spread on Twitter. There were so many that tweeter @wannasworld started keeping a list.

Here are some of the most egregious and blatant examples of white women skating by on their black looks.

Almost all of the women who were caught blackfishing without a license, and were asked about it, responded with some version of “I’m just tan, I vacation a lot” or complained that they didn’t understand why they weren’t allowed to wear certain hairstyles. Which, come on, let’s get real for a minute. Of course you can tan yourself to an early death at the age of 30 from skin cancer. But you can’t also use three gallons of bronzer and pretend your weekend in Athens turned you into a mahogany end table (P.S. I feel really sorry for your sheets). And of course you can wear box braids, cornrows, Senegalese twists, or perm your hair. Most white countries are free countries! It’s when you start combining the two that we run into problems. Before you know it, you’re getting your lips plumped, your ass injected, and every time you go to your mommas house for dinner she asks who you are.

It’s a slippery fucking slope.

Yes you are looking at a picture of two white women from Ireland!

The gal on the right is one Brazilian butt lift and some DDDDD titties away from becoming the next Martina Big.

So please, heed the voice of the people. Just don’t. Be yourself. Let the genetically melanated continue to slay. And get paid.

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Mieka is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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