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Beyoncé Performed At Coachella, And Every Other Artist May As Well Pack Up Their Things And Go Home

By Brian Richards | Social Media | April 15, 2018 |

By Brian Richards | Social Media | April 15, 2018 |

beyonce coachella.jpg

There are many people out there, whether it’s yourself or someone you know, who would love nothing more than to see Beyoncé perform live in concert.

But because of the tickets instantly selling out the millisecond they go on sale or because ticket prices make it so that you’d have to recruit Ocean’s Eleven or (much to the anger of many a fuckboy who wishes that the wimmenz would just create their own original stuff) Ocean’s Eight and rob several casinos and the Met Gala combined in order to afford a ticket, that isn’t possible.

When it was announced that Beyoncé was going to perform at Coachella this year, many of those same people threw up their hands in frustration and accepted that inventing a time machine and going back in time to see the original cast on Hamilton perform on Broadway would be an easier task than getting a ticket to Coachella to see Beyoncé, the first African-American woman to ever headline the festival, on stage and doing her thing as only she can. (Especially since she had to bow out of performing at Coachella last year due to her pregnancy)

Fortunately, Coachella 2018 was being streamed live on YouTube for everyone’s free enjoyment. And much to the delight of so many people who couldn’t be there in person, especially everyone from Black Twitter who accepted that they would have to stay up very late until Beyoncé arrived on stage, the wait was worth it.

(Expect this segment of Beyoncé and company telling everyone to suck on their balls to get plenty of usage on Twitter in the days to come)

Of course, the response on Twitter was divided between those who were either very happy to see Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z appear on stage…

That's awesome and now it's not.gif

…and those who still haven’t forgiven him for cheating on Beyoncé in the first place and wondering why he even had to be there.

That's awesome and now it's not 2.gif

The only thing that was as entertaining as seeing Beyoncé perform with her band/dancers/Solange/Jay-Z/Destiny’s Child was seeing how everyone on Twitter was responding to it. There was no holding back when it came to Twitter expressing its enthusiasm for Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter and what she was doing at Coachella:

Black Twitter would occasionally pause and take a break from praising Beyoncé to talk plenty of shit about the crowd at Coachella:

But they would soon go back to praising Beyoncé and losing their shit, and being given additional reasons for doing so.

(To be fair, I thought the exact same thing as the screen went dark and rustling sounds were heard on stage, and thought that Bey was coming back for an encore)

After seeing all of that footage of Beyoncé with her band and dancers at Coachella, seeing all of that beautiful Black excellence on display, and seeing how so many on Twitter responded to it, it’s even more understandable as to why Shuri was disappointed over her first-ever trip to California not involving a trip to Coachella.

If you don’t know what that means and you’re doing a Scooby-Doo Head Tilt to express your confusion, then you’re probably one of the five people who need to stop fucking around and go see Black Panther already.