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An Open Letter To F-ckboys On Twitter Who Still Don't Know S--t When It Comes To Black Women

By Brian Richards | Social Media | March 14, 2019 |

By Brian Richards | Social Media | March 14, 2019 |


Dear fuckboys:

Aren’t you tired of this?

Aren’t you tired of expressing opinions that make you all look like a bunch of fucking dumbasses? Of getting attention for all of the wrong reasons? Of reminding Black women how much you don’t like or trust or respect them?

Because those same Black women who you don’t like or trust or respect all that much? They’re tired of this. They’re tired of you opening your ashy-lipped mouths to make the same complaints about them every few months, no matter how many times you’re proven wrong, and how many times you’re proven to be wrong and bitter.

Last week, Twitter was discussing an up-and-coming rapper named Megan Thee Stallion, and how her lyrical skills have been getting her lots of attention. Which of course soon resulted in one of you fuckboys automatically comparing her to Cardi B, and claiming that she might be the female MC to bring back real rap, and to be taken seriously for her rap (because you know, when it comes to female MCs, the rap game is treated like Highlander, in that there can be only one).

If that wasn’t bad enough, more fuckboys decided to take a break from secretly jerking off in the bathroom at their grandmother’s house to look at her recent post on Twitter, in which she expressed her love of anime, and claim that she’s lying about being interested in anime.

Because according to you, women who look like Megan don’t watch anime, and don’t really know anything about it.

You can practically hear the angry-sighs coming from Black women every single time this topic comes up on Twitter. And unfortunately, this topic and this accusation against them comes up at least once every few months. We can practically feel the unresolved anger and bitterness come off of your every tweet that claims that Black women aren’t real nerds. That there were no Black female nerds back when you were in school, and that this is just something they started lying about and pretending to be. That any actual Black female nerds weren’t paying attention to Black male nerds like yourselves, and were only paying attention to the athletes, thugs, and hood niggas who didn’t treat them right the way that you would have. And that Black female nerds only just pretended to be nerds, and are just fake geek girls trying to impress guys.

(angry-sighs) All right, fuckboys. There are many reasons as to why Black female nerds at your schools didn’t pay attention to you, and chose not to go out with you, so let’s go down this longer-than-a-receipt-from-CVS list and go over these reasons, shall we?

1 - 10) Because they were not attracted to you.
11) Because you didn’t actually approach them and ask them out on a date.
12) Because you actually did approach them to ask them out on a date, but did so with no manners whatsoever.
13) Because you were socially awkward and uncomfortable to be around in ways that were too overbearing to deal with.
14) Because they were attracted to other boys.
15) Because they were attracted to other girls.
16) Because they weren’t attracted to anyone.
17) Because they didn’t know you and had no knowledge of your very existence, which probably would’ve changed if you had just approached them and asked them out on a date.
18) Because being a nerd, and having nerdy interests, was not always seen as a good thing, and could result in you being teased or harassed or getting your ass kicked by bullies. So all signs of being a nerd, and wanting to be around other nerds, were kept in hiding.
19) Because they have very strict parents or grandparents who were hellbent on making sure that their daughters were focused on their studies, and not focused on boys. (Especially if those parents or grandparents were West Indian, because anything you’re saying or doing that isn’t cooking, cleaning, or going to church is something that could easily be replaced by you focusing on your studies.)

And Black Twitter didn’t hesitate to once again shake their heads and call this bullshit out:

Megan Thee Stallion also tweeted a request from Black women on Twitter who watch and love anime to post their photos, and to let you fuckboys (as well as the rest of the world) know that they exist. You may need an hour or two to scroll through the responses to her tweet, because there are a lot.

All of that pretty much boils down to something that you fuckboys are quite unable or unwilling to answer: why should Black female nerds want to date you, or even be friends with you and have you in their lives? Because you have the same skin color? Because you like the same things, or because you think they’re not really nerds, and you can pass down all of your knowledge to them so that they can like the same things you do? Even though this same kind of logic (“Well…he’s Black. And she’s Black. I think the two of you should go out.”) is the same type of ridiculous logic that results in white people trying to play matchmaker for their Black friends/acquaintance/co-workers who simply want them to be quiet and keep their distance so they can do their job and then go home, or for people at Marvel Comics who thought it was a good idea for Black Panther and Storm to link up and get married.

I’m sorry to keep throwing bags of dogshit all over your picnic (actually, I’m not), but Black female nerds probably wouldn’t want to date you because your thoughts and your opinions are both horrible and offensive. Because most of you who talk so much shit about Black women in general, about their looks, and about how they present themselves on social media look ugly enough to make a strap-on go limp. Because those of you who are good-looking? You tend to ruin whatever appeal you have the second you open your mouths to talk. Because you’re two steps away from becoming full-blown incels, and one step away from referring to Black women as Negro bed-wenches when you’re not too busy trolling and insulting Terry Crews, who has suddenly decided to backpedal, apologize to you fuckboys, and then come to you for support for reasons I can’t possibly fathom, but that’s another story for another day.

I’ve said this before when I wrote about Beyoncé and Serena Williams, I said it when I wrote again about Serena, and here I am having to repeat myself once more because you fuckboys really don’t know how to take a hint, so here goes:

Black women don’t owe you anything. Not their time, their attention, their love, or their friendship. And just because you were made to feel disliked and unwanted back when you were in school, you really need to stop assuming that any Black female nerds were suffering the very same fate. Especially since it’s very likely that fuckboys like yourselves are the ones who made them feel disliked and unwanted in the first place, all because you were too busy trying to get with the Cool Girls. You probably spent all of your time trying to be with Whitley Gilbert while completely overlooking Freddie Brooks who was standing right next to you, and it wasn’t until Freddie got a makeover, and looked even better than she did before that you finally started paying attention, and asking where she’s been this whole time. (And if you just read any of this and are asking who is this Whitley and Freddie that I’m going on about, you’ve clearly never watched A Different World, and you need to fix that immediately.)

Stop lying to Twitter when it comes to Black women, and most importantly, stop lying to yourselves. You lying about Black women, and the fact that they know just as much as you, if not more than you, when it comes to the things that you’re nerdy about will not make your dicks any less ashy. You saying this as if Aisha Tyler, Graveyard Shift Sisters founder Ashlee Blackwell, rapper Jean Grae, assistant professor-visual artist/-Writer of the Marvel comic book series Ironheart Dr. Eve L. Ewing, and the hundreds of other Black women on Twitter who are making their presence felt when it comes to arts, education, and entertainment don’t exist, only make you look and sound even more ridiculous than usual. And it definitely won’t convince these Black women that you’re the men they’ve been looking for. It will just make them laugh at you, make them angry, make them embarrass you, and then tell you to keep it moving right before they block you, so that they never hear from you again, and forget that you even exist.

And the sooner you finally realize this, and get some Act-Right when talking to and about Black women, the better we’ll all be.

Header Image Source: Tidal