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You Could Be Drinking A Known Felon

By Miscellaneous | Videos | March 6, 2011 |

By Miscellaneous | Videos | March 6, 2011 |

I feel I shouldn’t have to explain who Plastic Man to you nerds, but for the uninitiated: Eel O’Brian was a second story man and general lowlife who was shot and doused with an unknown acid during a heist at the Crawford Chemical Works. (And, really. How does robbing a chemical factory seem like a good idea?)

Escaping to nearby mountains on foot, O’Brian stumbles onto the mountain retreat of a friendly monk, friendly monks being incredibly common near major American cities in the comic book universes of 1941. Said monk nurses O’Brien back to health and during his convalescence, O’Brian discovers he know has the power to take any form he can imagine and Plastic Man was born.

The book was known for its warped stories and a particularly bent sense of humor, and Plas readily acknowledged the, uh, erotic possibilities inherent in his powers.

Which brings us to today, well, to 2006, when Warner Brothers created a Plastic Man pilot for Cartoon Network. Legend has it that the network chose the mediocre-at-best “Johnny Test” over “Plastic Man” which, if true, is nearly as unconscionable as canceling “Samurai Jack” after only 52 episodes.

Here is that unaired pilot. It looks a bit like “Ren & Stimpy” but doesn’t rise to that level of demented absurdity. That said, one can see the bones of a show that could have become a cult classic, especially compared with the entirely forgettable “Johnny Test.” The villain is (spoiler alert) defeated in a particularly disturbing way.

Jason Harris is still bitter he can’t get Underoos in adult sizes.

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