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Why Is The UK Keeping Their 'Drunk History' From US?

By Kristy Puchko | Videos | August 28, 2017 |

By Kristy Puchko | Videos | August 28, 2017 |

Look. I get it. We broke up. It was an ugly, violent break-up, where each side aimed to paint themselves as in the right. England just wanted what’s best for us, and really we were so immature and reckless what with pitching fits about money (taxes), and pitching tea into the sea. As England saw it, we needed a firm hand, and an occasional spanking to be our best selves. As the US saw it, we were coming into our best selves, and England needed to fuck right off! We grew apart, but not exactly up. So, we made them villains in American movies, and they mocked us roundly for our accents and apparently have been keeping their Drunk History from us even though they wouldn’t have even been into that if it weren’t for us!

Yeah, the United Kingdom has their own version of Drunk History. Based on Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner’s Comedy Central series that kicked off in 2013, Drunk History: UK is narrated by Jimmy Carr and features intoxicated historical rants by Rob Beckett, Romesh Ranganathan, Jessica Knappett, Tom Rosenthal, and many more. Okay, maybe us Yanks don’t actually know those names…but we know Anthony Head, Olivia Colman, and Catherine Tate! And how dare you keep any of their performances from us! Much less ones where these comedic geniuses have to lipsync to drunken shenanigans!

But those vengeful Brits can’t keep us from all their Drunk History goodies.

Here’s a pissed Tom Craine talking about Sir Walter Raleigh, who’s portayed by Fresh Meat’s Jack Whitehall.

Here’s Anthony Head playing esteemed inventor/secret gobshite Alexander Graham Bell, narrated by Nish Kumar.

Cruelly, this is ALL I can find of Olivia Colman’s appearance in the “Dr. Crippen” history by comedian Josie Long.

But rejoice and enjoy Catherine Tate performing with silliness and aplomb in singer-songwriter Charlotte Ritchie’s recounting of The Cottingley Fairies sensation.

And for bonus fun times, here’s Matthew Lewis—AKA the inventor of Longbottoming—playing Edmond Halley and talking of jacking off the Spice Girls, because obviously.

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