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What'd You Guys Think of that Fake 'Saturday Night Live' Ad that Was Actually a Real Jeep Ad?

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | April 2, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | April 2, 2014 |

Over the weekend, during the Saturday Night Live hosted by Louis C.K., at the 11:50 mark — where SNL often features their parody ads — Jeep ran a real commercial featuring Cecily Strong that could’ve been mistaken, at least for a few seconds, for an SNL parody ad.

It’s part of a series of “cast commercials” that Jeep is running during shows featuring those shows characters, and though they may cause some initial confusion, I’m a big fan. Here’s three reasons why:

1) Because ad-supported television needs ads to survive, and if we’re all fast-forwarding past them, then those ads become less effective, which means less money for ad-supported television, which means that next week’s elaborate Hannibal murder scene involving a human pyramid will only be 12 feet high instead of 24-feet high. That will not stand. Cast commercials make it more likely we’ll actually stop our DVRs and watch.

2) Because I think it’s better to include the cast in a commercial than to include the commercial in the cast, which is to say: Cast commercials are miles better than product placement, and on occasion, those cast members will also be able to improve the entertainment value of the commercial, making it more effective, which means more money for ad-supported television, which means a 48-foot high human pyramid on Hannibal. Awesome.

3) Because it means Cecily Strong is in an ad, which means more exposure for Cecily Strong, which means she’s one step closer to world domination. And as Internet crushes go: Cecily Strong > Jennifer Lawrence. THERE, I SAID IT.