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This Japanese Doctor Who Parody Is Everything You're Hoping It Will Be

By Vivian Kane | Videos | July 10, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Videos | July 10, 2014 |

Are you filled with rage over Tatiana Maslany’s Emmy snub (x 4)? This may not be the perfect cure, but it’s a pretty good band-aid. This Japanese Doctor Who video showed up on YouTube a few days ago, and it’s magical. The YouTuber who uploaded it seems to believe (or wants us to believe) it’s a decades-old find, but it’s much more likely that it was made last week and run through an Instagram filter. Still, it’s more than worth your time. Because for one (if you need proof), there are unparalleled sonic screw sword summoning powers.


Plus the best Dalek cosplay ever. Next Halloween, just pick up a round-top trash can,

Some toilet plungers,
toilet plungers.jpg

Some golf balls and black spray paint, and then dig through your mom’s attic for that pair of pleather pants you ordered from a Delia’s catalog during your Buffy fashion phase.


Boom. Instant Dalekor.


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