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'The Nightly Show' Was Finally Funny, And Then Immediately Awful

By Emily Cutler | Videos | August 18, 2015 |

By Emily Cutler | Videos | August 18, 2015 |

Damnit, The Nightly Show, I knew you had it in you! I’ve watched nearly every episode of your show hoping you could combine thorough critiques of politics and culture with genuine comedy. And you’ve finally done it. Last night was the first time I’ve laughed out loud at your show so you might want to consider changing your entire format.

Of course then you immediately went into the most hated segment: the roundtable discussion. And a load of factually inaccurate information.

1.) The “pussification”, Mike Yard? Asking that your workplace not be so brutally awful that you don’t have to cry at work means that we’re a weaker country than we use to be? Unless we’re completely OK with being abused, we must be wimps?

And I have to take a serious issue with the idea that “pussies” are weak. I get that the actual, physical, anatomical body part isn’t what people are directly referring to, but it’s still complete bullshit. In the words of Dan Savage:

That’s right everyone, don’t be a scrotum because scrotums are weak! Be a pussy, they’re strong and can take a lot of pain. They “chew up semen and spit out people.”

I’m sorry to any family members reading this for how graphic I’m about to be, but I’m willing to match my pussy against your scrotum any day of the week, Mike Yard. Let’s go a few rounds of row sham bow, and then see who’s not as tough.

2.) The prisons are working? Really, Paul Sheer? Are you basing that on the U.S.’s stellar recidivism rates? Or that in 2012 there were almost 5.8 million crimes reported by inmates in the U.S. prison population? Can you explain how any of that seems like it’s “working”?

And really it’s not Sheer’s problem as much as the show’s format. It’s just terrible. Paul Sheer is a comedian. He’s not an expert on workplace environments or on the best methods to motivate workers. His offhand comment about the prison systems was related to Amazon’s culture of workers telling on each other. Sheer shouldn’t have his comments nitpicked by a snarky bitch on the internet. But here I am, bitching away.

Larry Wilmore, I’ll make a final plea. You and your staff clearly are capable of writing a funny, informed show. Stop trying to make the roundtable discussion the funny part of your show. Adding comedians instead of experts makes the show less informed, and so far hasn’t helped at all to make it funny.

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