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The Most Confusing Trailer of 2015: 'Last Knights'

By Emily Cutler | Videos | March 25, 2015 |

By Emily Cutler | Videos | March 25, 2015 |

Maybe it’s just me, but does this trailer make sense to any of you?

Now, the basic story I understand. Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman team up to take down Creepy Looking Dude. What I can’t figure out is: Is this a terrible trailer for a terrible movie or a terrible trailer for a great movie? Or more specifically, what the hell does Creepy Looking Dude do that’s so terrible?

Sure, we hear Morgan Freeman tell us that CLD is a bad guy, but we don’t see him say or do anything evil. I’ve watched that trailer four times, and I still haven’t seen him so much as take out a hit on an innocent. He says that he’s going to take down Freeman, but that’s only after Freeman openly rebels. I know we’re supposed to side with Freeman and Owen. But without any evidence that CLD is evil, I’m not exactly sure why.

So is this movie actually about how history is written by the victors? That when people go to war it’s often less about one side being evil and more about ideological differences between the two sides? That the power that comes from governing is only valid so long as the governed consent to it? Or did someone just forget to check the “Show leader/ king/ ruler is a bad guy” box on a pretty standard, paint- by- numbers, honor action flick?

At the very least, you’ve shaken my once unquestionable faith in Morgan Freeman, Last Knights. I won’t be forgiving that any time soon.

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