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The Day Terry Crews Pissed Off Single Mothers Everywhere

By Vivian Kane | Videos | June 13, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Videos | June 13, 2014 |

Terry Crews went on The View today, and ended up insulting basically everyone ever. Crews prides himself on being a very present and supportive father, which is fantastic! But he tried to have a discussion about fatherhood and ended shitting all over motherhood in the process.

The discussion of Terry’s List of Things Only a Father* Can Do quickly dissolved into a bunch of shouting and “I think what he means is,” in the middle of which Crews drops this gem: “I’m not discounting mothers, but [a child] will be insecure until he finds [a father].” Which is basically like saying “No offense, but I don’t like anything about you.” You can’t just say you’re not discounting mothers, if you immediately then list all the ways your kid will turn out horrible if you’re raising him on your own.

Now, we all love Terry Crews, right? Of course we do, because he’s funny and talented and has unparalleled nip syncing skills. But this was a pretty idiotic argument. First off, it’s hard to ignore the fact that in talking about “children,” he was actually only talking about sons. Is a father’s role in his daughters’ lives not worth talking about? Even more insulting, his three examples of the things ONLY a father can give his son are his name, his story, and his confidence. Because we all know that kids raised solely by women aare simpering waifs forced to go only by a single name, whose family trees end at a stump.

There are really interesting and important discussions to be had about the role of fatherhood being marginalized by society. (Oh look, here’s one.) Crews, though, is not having one of those discussions.

*Or Sylvester Stallone, apparently.