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Tapping An Underrepresented Market: Why America Needs The 'Entourage' Movie

By Deadline Emily | Videos | April 1, 2014 |

By Deadline Emily | Videos | April 1, 2014 |

There were a lot great points made in our recent article about “ethnic casting.” While the article itself was on point, it didn’t go far enough. I didn’t go far enough to address a very specific underrepresented class of white people.

Specifically upper class white men. Yes, I understand that the majority of Hollywood roles are still filled by white men, but as diversity becomes a more discussed topic, the roles for that specific kind of white man are drying up.

Sadly, both critically and commercially beloved shows about today’s wealthy white men and their friendships are becoming less and less popular. Shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Game of Thrones have completely overshadowed modern, affluent settings in favor of those from the past/ middle class neighborhoods. Even IMDB’s top ten list of the best shows from 2000 - 2015 only has one show that fits the description. Luckily for us it’s perhaps the best show ever created to show those relationships with such honest detail.

I’m not saying that every upper class, young- ish white man in modern day American needs to become an actor/ manager/ hanger on. But I am saying that Entourage is one of the few examples of those options for rich, white men. And it’s an example that’s sorely needed and underrepresented in Hollywood today. America not only needs the Entourage movie, it needs an Entourage universe in the style of the Marvel Universe that can tap into the struggling wealthy, white male pool of talent. After all, we can’t continue to keep Alex Pettyfer on the sidelines.