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Should We Expect More From Anna Kendrick's Silly 'Indiana Jones' Parody?

By Vivian Kane | Videos | May 14, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Videos | May 14, 2015 |

As a promo for NBC’s Red Nose Day, which is “a campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty by simply having fun and making people laugh,” Anna Kendrick has donned the iconic Indy fedora for a quick parody video. The premise is deliberately simplistic and frivolous: Hollywood is caught up in the “Lady Ghostbusters” craze, and therefore remaking hundreds of classic versions. That’s an amusing concept, right?. At least it is in theory. That’s a seed of an idea I’d like to see expounded on, especially with someone as talented as Kendrick. The problem in the execution here is that there’s no expounding. There’s no point. When Hollywood goes nuts like this, there’s a lot of fun to be had. They could play up what a dumb idea it is to churn out low-quality chum simply for the purpose of making “lady things.” They could bring attention to the fact that with all of these reboots and sequels, women are still being primarily left out for no good reason. But rather than take any sort of angle, the video simply puts Anna Kendrick in a hat and gives her some awkwardly written jokes.

And maybe that should be enough. It’s just a silly, short video for a charity. Maybe I should cut it some slack. But I don’t think so. I could if the video were better, funnier, more anything. But it’s not. And ultimately, it only serves as an example of what every critic of the idea of a female Ghostbusters spew on about. This video, with its terrible jokes and nonexistent purpose is exactly what every MRA d-bag thinks “women” movies are. Maybe the forces here could have taken the opportunity to at least TRY to flip that notion on its head. Instead they went the laziest route possible and wasted a few minutes of Anna Kendrick. So yes, it’s just a dumb little video. But it had the potential to be more. At best, it could have been a quick cutting commentary. It at the very least should have been funny.

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