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'Shot' Trailer: Noah Wyle's Face Is Holding Up Quite Well, Thank You

By Emily Cutler | Videos | August 18, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Videos | August 18, 2017 |

Remember ER? I loved ER. I was thirteen when it premiered, so this was basically my introduction to puberty.


Man, that’s a good face. Dr. John Carter was my first sustained crush, and I feel like time has backed me up on this one. I mean, Noah Wyle hasn’t had George Clooney’s career, but I’m sure he’s doing well for himself. I seem to vaguely remember he’s married? Maybe has a couple of kids? But by and large is avoiding the pitfalls that fame and subsequent obscurity can bring. He’s out of the acting game, and good for him on that-

Wait, he’s in a new movie? Seriously?

Well son of a bitch. Guys, Dr. John Carter’s face has held up really well. I mean, that’s still a really good looking dude. Terrible movie, even worse trailer, but the face is still real good.

Good on you, Noah Wyle. I’m so sorry I couldn’t ever suffer through The Librarian(s).

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