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Rory Gilmore and Michelle Obama Got Together to Talk About Books, And Yes This Is a Safe Space to Fan Out Like Crazy

By Vivian Kane | Videos | June 27, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Videos | June 27, 2016 |

When it comes to education/nutrition/feminism/general fantastic PSAs and cool pop culture cameos, Michelle Obama has spent the last near-decade owning the game. And yet somehow, with this new video, well… I can’t exactly say she’s outdone herself, because where do you even start to compare?


Still, this new video is a marvel. Because for brilliant, beautiful women with lethally sharp minds that we should all be grateful are used only for good, Michelle Obama has found a worthy scene partner in Rory Gilmore. And no, I don’t mean Alexis Bledel. I mean Rory Gilmore, just coming by to offer FLOTUS some books for a plane ride and simultaneously promote Mrs. Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” initiative.

Okay, first of all, AMAZING.

Secondly, yes I’m going to nitpick the details. Come on, whatever the showrunner equivalent of a Twitter video is. Shakespeare? Jane Austen? Moby Dick. Not shabby choices in literature, to be sure, but this is Rory Gilmore and the First Lady. Do we really think that these two women wouldn’t bond over being a further outside of that box? Not that Michelle has necessarily read the entire arsenal of Shakespeare’s work, but in general, I don’t think she’d appreciate that recommendation.

But thirdly, and by far the most important question we have to ask: IS THIS CANON?????

I mean, no. Most likely, almost definitely, it is for sure not.

BUTTTTTTTT… let’s dream for a moment, can we?

Last we saw Rory, she was turning down an avocado tree with an entitled trust fund-laden blond in California to follow the Obama campaign for a blog. So it’s not SO far-fetched to think that someone on that campaign (FLOTUS HERSELF? Probably not, but again, THIS IS OUR FANTASY) took a shine to Rory, recognized that special starry-eyed, sharp-tongued potential, maybe even bonded over a love of, let’s say, BOOKS, MAYBE?

I’m not sure what Rory’s job in this video/my mind palace actually is, nor do I realistically expect her to have it in the new Netlix season, but just for here, and just for now…

What a cool fanfic twist, yeah?

H/T Lainey Gossip

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