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Really, Does Anybody's Doctor Actually Look Like That? 'The Knick' Trailer

By Emily Cutler | Videos | July 28, 2014 |

By Emily Cutler | Videos | July 28, 2014 |

Is anybody else excited for the August 8th premiere of The Knick? Or perhaps a better question, did anyone else know about the August 8th premiere of The Knick on Cinemax? I have an odd fascination with all things related to American urban life between 1900 - 1929 so a turn of the century medical drama with Clive Owen is like my . . . is The Notebook still a thing with the ladies? Whatever is making the girls squee these days. That’s how I feel about this.

As much as I like Progressive Era films/ shows, I’m always a little concerned with its depiction. Historical dramas run the risk of whitewashing their characters if they don’t make them realistic within their time (Hello, The Patriot, how nice of you that only the bad guys were racist), or too smug in their “Oh, look old timey stuff. Aren’t they quaint with their beliefs and general erroneous- ness?” (basically the Dowager Countess’ entire character.) But after this trailer, I’m cautiously optimistic. At least until I see the number of scenes featuring old school doctors outraged at the suggestion that they should be washing their hands.