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Putting Boot to Ass

By Miscellaneous | Videos | March 14, 2011 |

By Miscellaneous | Videos | March 14, 2011 |

Bullying recently erupted as the cause du jour for fearful helicopter parents, lazy reporters looking for an easy story and twerps tired of being stuffed into lockers.

Part of this is due to Dan Savage and the “It Gets Better” Campaign that started off as a way to reassure gay and lesbian teenagers that they wouldn’t have to go through their entire lives getting brutalized by meatheads. No, in the working world, you will be brutalized because your boss is a moron and that is a universal fate suffered by straights and gays alike.

But for all the well-intentioned online video campaigns and anti-bullying seminars in the world, bullies understand one thing: Violence. Sheer, pitiless violence. The strong prey upon the weak. It has ever been thus. A teenage feeb can hope a teacher is around when some mono-browed mouth-breather runs his drawls up the flag pole. He can hope his mother will complain to the school when some burnout yanks his pants down in the cafeteria. He can hope that some creepy dude moves into his bully’s neighborhood and that maybe a little frottage teaches said bully that there is always someone stronger driving around in a windowless van.

Or, and this is my recommendation, he can drop a motherfucker on his head. Violence may or may not solve the problem, but we can’t know until we try.

The story is that our chubby friend Casey here has been bullied his whole life and decided one day that it was time to put an end to that shit. Casey has been suspended from school, and for good reason, but sometimes the crime is worth the punishment.

Jason Harris recognizes that this kind of thing probably makes him a bad parent, and he is okay with that.

UPDATE: Evidently, they’ve taken the video down. But you can still find it here.

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