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John Oliver Has The Perfect Response For The Paris Attackers

By Emily Cutler | Videos | November 16, 2015 |

By Emily Cutler | Videos | November 16, 2015 |

Even though John Oliver had a big week, that didn’t prevent him from airing his show last night to give us the perfect response to the attacks in Paris on Friday.

That’s really good for me because I’m completely out of my element in knowing how to respond to them. I know that they’re tragic and heartbreaking, but I also know we’re just now getting information about who carried out the attacks and why. I know that these attacks are important to cover, but that we shouldn’t neglect other bombing victims based on our own misguided stereotypes about different parts of the world. And I know that while breaking news about deadly events should be covered immediately, we shouldn’t forget that slow building stories often reveal more about the problems in our day to day lives and need to be addressed too.

I know all of this, but I can’t figure out how to work it all into a coherent statement that addresses everything without diminishing anything else.

Luckily John Oliver does. The answer is “Fuck these assholes.”

Fuck the Paris attackers. Fuck the Beruit attackers. Fuck the racists assholes at University of Missouri. Also fuck the professor who asked for “muscle” to remove a journalist covering the protest. The degrees and severity of the fucking clearly vary depending on the severity of the offenses, but all of them should get a big “Fuck you.”

And while it might not seem like an actual advancement, the fact that we know about all of these different “fuck you” worthy events at the same time is actually a good thing. We have access to almost any report-able event in the world. It seems overwhelmingly bad to hear about all of the bad events happening at once, but knowing about them is actually the best thing that can be done. Because we can learn what we need to about each event, we can hopefully address them, and then most importantly, we can carry on.

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