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Jimmy Kimmel Had to Explain to America What Acting Is and How Television Works

By Vivian Kane | Videos | August 29, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Videos | August 29, 2014 |

When Jimmy Kimmel staged a mini-Friends reunion on Wednesday night, he probably wasn’t expecting a tsunami of internet backlash, but that is (according to him) what he got. The bit centered “tricking” Jennifer Aniston into reading his Friends fanfic, which she is not happy about. As anyone who has ever seen a late night talk show, any TV show, or probably even just a television set itself could tell you, these segments are preplanned, agreed upon, and rehearsed. But someone needs to tell that to the internet, because the general reaction to this bit was divided between “OMG, Jimmy Kimmel is SO mean” and “OMG, Jen is SUCH a humorless biotch” (or, actual quote: “totes awky mo mo”).

Of course, the comments on a YouTube video are not exactly the best place to gather an accurate sampling of reasonable opinions.

Out of curiosity, I ducked into the comments on this video’s YouTube page (NOT RECOMMENDED). They now seem to be split pretty evenly between “SMFH, people are sooooo stupid. I knew it was fake because I’m a very smrt prsn” and “Okay it was fake, it still wasn’t funny,” with a dash of “LOVE YOU JEN” thrown in.

Vivian Kane says “America” when what she means are “people from all over who don’t understand things,” and she hopes one day to live in a world when those aren’t generally agreed to be interchangeable.

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