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How Are You Still Not Getting This? 'The Daily Show's Jessica Williams Tells Us Why Catcalling Is Never a Compliment

By Vivian Kane | Videos | September 3, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Videos | September 3, 2014 |

How long will it be before Jessica Williams has her own show? However long it is, just by the fact that she doesn’t already have one, is way too long. She’s proven in an insanely short amount of time to be one of the best Daily Show correspondents in the show’s history. Without fail, she completely annihilates whatever topic she takes on. And yes, I mean “annihilate” in the literal, John Oliver-with-a-piñata way, because once sets her sights on an issue, she lays it to waste and any argument CEASES TO EXIST. There is no arguing with her. She is perfection.

Last night she took on sexism in politics, because SURPRISE! Washington is full of skeezy old shit stains on America’s underpants. Here’s a little context to the issue in question:

And here is Jessica Williams telling us (AGAIN) why, no, gentlemen, it’s not okay to catcall. We f*cking hate it. It creeps us right the f*ck out.

And for that one dude who wasn’t listening and just skipped straight to the comments section: yes, a whistle is the same thing. Clapping is the same thing. It’s all the same f*cking thing and it’s not appropriate for strangers, coworkers, or anyone who’s not a literal cat.