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'Harry Potter With Guns' is the Tarantino Harry Potter Fan Edit We Didn't Know We Needed

By Petr Knava | Videos | August 5, 2020 |

By Petr Knava | Videos | August 5, 2020 |


Harry Potter doesn’t mean much to me. I never read the books and I’ve only sort of seen parts of some of the movies. My favourite Harry Potter-related thing ever is that time a bot was fed a bunch of the books and then instructed to write new material based on what it had learned. What it came up with was absolute poetry:

Ron was standing there and doing a kind of frenzied tap dance. He saw Harry and immediately began to eat Hermione’s family.
The pig of Hufflepuff pulsed like a large bullfrog. Dumbledore smiled at it, and placed his hand on its head: ‘You are Hagrid now.’
Ron’s Ron shirt was just as bad as Ron himself.
Harry looked around and then fell down the spiral staircase for the rest of the summer.

And while Ron’s awful Ron shirt will likely always remain my number one Potter property, there has now entered a new challenger into the arena.

Harry Potter, in spaaaaaace with guuuuunsssss.

Yep. Some mad bas**rds have decided to spend god knows how many hours editing out the magic wands in the first Harry Potter movie and replacing them with a panoply of hand cannons:

And that’s just the trailer. The full thing is over at Harry Potter With Guns dot com. In its total ridiculousness, Harry Potter With Guns is funny, but over on the main site the creators do, to their credit, also highlight some of the issues behind Hollywood’s obsession with firearms and the contribution that obsession may have towards the never ending epidemic of American gun violence that is enabled by an all-powerful gun lobby and the corrupt politicians that serve it.

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