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'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Has a Depressingly Upbeat New Theme Song

By Vivian Kane | Videos | October 17, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Videos | October 17, 2016 |

Before Crazy Ex-Girlfriend aired on the CW last year, the biggest reservation most of us had in deciding if we would watch, was that awful title. Of course, once we watched the pilot, it was clear that the title was a jab at how Rebecca’s behavior is perceived, but also designed to make us constantly question the motivations behind her choices.

But if you remember, the show’s fantastic theme song, which is perfectly tongue-in-cheek in its skewering of both its lead and its audience, didn’t actually air until its second episode. That was when the show fully clicked into its ambitious self.

It turns out, though, that that theme song wasn’t meant to last. When the second season premieres, it’ll have an entirely new title sequence, as it will every season it’s renewed. Since season two will have Rebecca following new goals and different circumstances, they needed a new song to reflect that.

“Our first season was all about denial,” co-creator and showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna said. “She denied she was there for him, she was always saying she was there for the job. That’s what our first theme was about — her pretending that she just loved that place. She really didn’t admit it out loud until the very last second of the first season. So we needed a new song to address our new emotional thesis statement, which is that anything you do for love is justifiable.”

McKenna says that originally, the second season song was going to be an homage to ’70s TV like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but then Lady Dynamite— another female-driven comedy that masterfully walks the line between exploring and exploiting mental illness— came out with its funky ’70s theme and “we all kind of lost our boner for our idea.” (Side note: why don’t we talk more about how delightful Aline Brosh McKenna is?) So instead they came up with this Busby Berkeley-type number, all about how being in love means (or is a great excuse for) giving up control of your actions.

“What we tell people who are in love is that you should chase someone through an airport, you should show up outside their bedroom with a boom box, you should coat their bedroom with flowers,” McKenna added. “On one level it is a violation of people’s privacy and what they say they want. But it’s also very much how we frame courtship, so this season we’re dealing with the socially sanctioned way that courtship allows people to behave in ways that are crazy.”

Via Vulture.

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