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Twitter Reacts to the Bowling Green Massacre, A Mass Shooting Kellyanne Conway Completely F**king Made Up

By Dustin Rowles | Twitter | February 3, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Twitter | February 3, 2017 |

Relative to the the other 12 days of Donald Trump’s administration, yesterday afternoon and evening was a quiet-ish one. A former Norwegian Prime Minister was detained at Dulles, because he once visited Iran. The House voted to overturn a rule restricting gun sales to the mentally ill (what POSSIBLE upside is there to that, politically or otherwise?), UN Ambassador Nikki Haley condemned Russia for its attacks on the Ukraine (that’s good news!), and a lot of Republicans like John McCain had to clean up Trump’s mess in Australia. But I don’t think Trump signed any new executive orders, and it quieted down enough that a lot of us were able to, like, watch Riverdale for an hour.

(As I write this, however, Trump is in the middle of another nonsensical Twitter screed railing against the “paid” protestors around the country.)

Of course, there was also Kellyanne Conway, who last night cited a completely made-up mass shooting to justify the Muslim ban. No, I’m not kidding. She just made something up called the “Bowling Green Massacre.”

What Conway is referring to were two Iraqi refugees who were arrested and accused of conspiring to blow up American service members in Iraq with weapons of mass destruction. They were arrested before any violent acts were actually committed. However, after their arrest, Obama slowed the entrance of Iraqi refugees while they worked to beef up the vetting process, which meant going back and re-vetting hundreds of Iraqi refugees and applying a stricter vetting process on those coming in. There was never actually a formal ban of Iraqi refugees, but the vetting process slowed the admittance of refugees to a crawl, which meant that for six months, it was tantamount to a ban.

All the same, there was never a Bowling Green Massacre. That didn’t stop Kellyanne Conway from making it up, and for a few minutes anyway, Twitter felt kind of normal again: They were making fun of the blathering evil of Conway, who continues to blow her credibility with ridiculous alternative facts. The healing powers of mockery!

Here were some of the best responses:

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