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'You're The Worst' Just Now Became The Best Anti-Romcom on TV

By Emily Cutler | TV | August 29, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | TV | August 29, 2017 |

We need to talk about a giant flaw You’re The Worst hasn’t acknowledged yet: it’s not an anti-romcom. It’s been called that, probably by people on this website, possibly by me. But it isn’t really.

Romcoms function under the idea that love makes people better and happier. That finding a suitable romantic partner is the solution to most people’s problems. So while You’re The Worst hasn’t been a traditional romcom, Gretchen and Jimmy have, for the most part, been more satisfied with their lives since they met.

Until now.

Oh, right. Sometimes love makes you leave your brand new fiancée on top of the hill on which you just proposed, never to return. And then both you and she have to perform simultaneous versions of bad ’80s pop songs. Or love makes you consider the possibility of opening yourself to a relationship only to have it blow up in your face sending you into a crack-fueled rejection spiral.

I’m hoping, based on how well the show handled Gretchen’s depression in season two, the writers won’t fall back on cliches to advance the plot. There is no misunderstanding. There was no mistake. Jimmy intentionally acted in a way that he knew would hurt Gretchen. The only thing to explore now is why that happened, and if damage that act inflicted can be repaired. Meaning that for possibly the first time on the show, we’re seeing instances of love making people truly unhappy.

Meaning it’s now an anti-romcom. But I have full confidence the writers can tell both sides evenly without pointing fingers or casting blame on either party — Jimmy. It was Jimmy. Jimmy fucked this all up. I mean, what the fucking fuck, Jimmy?! She was fine without you. She wasn’t even pressuring you for a commitment. This was all your idea. And then you bail on her entirely? When she was living at your house?! You basically completely abandoned her on a fucking hillside?! Whatever. It’s fine. She’ll be fine. She was too good for you anyway. She’s doing great in fact. Made a bunch of new friends. You were just holding her back. And now she’s great. SHE’S DOING GREAT. SHE DOESN’T EVEN NEED YOU, JIMMY. YOU FUCK.

You’re The Worst season four premieres September 6th on FXX.

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