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'You're the Worst' Has Found Its Best New Running Joke

By Vivian Kane | TV | September 17, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | TV | September 17, 2015 |

One of the best running jokes on Gilmore Girls, and one I can’t remember ever getting tired of, was the idea that if you walked into ay business in Stars Hollow, there was a good chance you would find Kirk working there. It made very little sense, other than that Kirk was known to be a money hoarder, and that he had night terrors, so presumably didn’t sleep much and had the time to hold some extra jobs. Wherever you turned, there was kirk, driving pedicabs, creating beauty products, walking your dogs, owning competing diners… if there was a job to be done, Kirk was the one already doing it.


So when Steve Agee popped up on You’re the Worst last night, I was more thrilled than I was prepared to be. You probably recognize Agee as being one of the most prolific “That Guy”s in television. He was a regular on The Sarah Silverman Program and plays the recurring homeless Outside Dave on New Girl, but he’s also made one-off cameos in about a dozen of you favorite shows. One of those cameos was in the first season episode of You’re the Worst, “What Normal People Do,” as the pizza delivery guy who convinces Gretchen to be happy with what she has (and is also briefly over-enthused at the idea of opening a pizza restaurant with her).


In last night’s episode, Agee was back as the previously unnamed character, now credited as “Dutch.” It turns out Gretchen had convinced him to quit the pizza life, but now he’s back as a mall security guard and loving every minute of it. (Until he gets a little too excited again and quits this job too.)


Man, I hope Agee starts popping up everywhere: Uber driver, Scientology peddler, sex shop cashier… The possibilities are endless. This show tackles some shockingly dark subjects, from PTSD to divorce to the all too real mental and physical ramifications of moving in with your significant other. It’s nice to see a Kirk running around as some pure comedic relief in a such strangely (but beautifully) heavy comedy. Sorry, Killian Being Ignored, Dutch’s unflappable happiness is the new running joke.

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