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"Without the P We're Just T&A" and the Best Lines from Wednesday Night's Comedies

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 13, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 13, 2011 |

Up All Night Grade: B+. It was the first week when Maya Rudolph’s Ava didn’t annoy the hell out of me; Mr. Bob’s class was hysterical; and the only thing missing from the stroller destruction scene was, “Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta.” Plus The Dangles, the Transvestite Bangles cover band. It could be that “Up All Night” is beginning to find its groove.

  • (On Mr. Bob, the New Age Crazy-Pants, Swish-y Baby Teacher) “Guy’s got a PhD in Peek-a-Boo.” — Reagan

    “Yeah, he’s apparently got a Master’s in Got-Your-Nose.” —Chris

  • (Notes for her speech): “Here’s a list of words to avoid: Moist, Ointment, Nubbin, Vigorous, Figurish, and ‘At the end of the day.” — Ava

  • (To her baby) “Oh, Kayla. Come back here. She’s so precocious with her crawling.” — Kayla’s Mom

  • “I was just like Jack Nicholson in that movie, You Can’t Handle the Truth. — Ava

  • (To the attractive bartender) “Yes we know it’s not your name but we’re calling you Stefano because it is fun and sexier. You may not know this but you were also my tennis coach and you were raised on a boat.” — Reagan

    “And your wife disappeared under mysterious circumstances.” — Ava

    “I killed her.” — Reagan


    Suburgatory Grade: B-. I really like the characters, and George’s Mom jeans gag was outstanding, but I didn’t like the direction the characters took this week, particularly George. He provides the outsider perspective; he’s not supposed to attempt to infiltrate the inside. Cheryl Hines can do wonders with a stripper pole, though.

  • “Let’s get involved, Moms. Without the P we’re just T&A.” — Dallas

  • “You are so obsessed with MILFs, you don’t even notice the ILFs.” — Noah


    Modern Family Grade: B-. Amiable as always, but completely forgettable. But I do love Ed O’Neil in this show every single week.

  • “If you want to fly, I’m not going to be the one to hold your feet down. I want to be the one to push you off the cliff.” — Phil

  • “What does he mean by more ‘Wow’?” — Gloria

    “It’s the Bieber-ization of America.” — Manny

    “What do beavers have to do with anything?” — Jay


    Happy Endings. Grade: B. An average episode redeemed by a great Natalie Imbruglia number with Megan Mullally, the Dueling Kennedys, and “Yeah Buoy” as a boat name.

  • “.. and Max, you are an acquired taste. Like goat cheese.. and Mr. Bean.” — Penny

  • “Check yourself before you neck yourself.”

  • “Did you find your J Spot? I hope you used a bite stick because they were very specific about that in the article.” — Penny’s Mom


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