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Who is Lube Man? And Other Questions We Have After This Week's 'Watchmen'

By Dustin Rowles | TV | November 11, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | November 11, 2019 |


  • What is the deal with Cal? There have been more than a few people speculating that Cal might be Doctor Manhattan hiding in plain sight, in part because of the detached, atheistic nature of his comments to his kids about death, which echoes the personality of Doctor Manhattan. We also learned that he was in a mysterious accident; that he is also from Vietnam (with which Manhattan has a connection); and we still don’t know how Angela survived the White Night attack despite having a gun pointed at her face, but we do know that Cal was present. The fact that Will Reeves suggested that Doctor Manhattan could be parading around as a human strengthens the theory.

  • Who is Lady Trieu? Besides being a trillionaire, the owner of Adrian Veidt’s estate, the creator of the Millineum Clock, and co-conspirator with Will Reeves, well, I guess I don’t really know. She has the ability to genetically create babies and probably make clones, and it’s likely that her “daughter” is a clone, too, either of Lady Trieu herself — or more likely — Lady Trieu’s mother, given her nightmares about the Vietnam War.

  • What about those pills? Those nightmares may be attributable to the pills that Will Reeves has, which is to say: They provide clones with the memories of the original. Bian, Lady Trieu’s daughter, takes those same drugs via IV in this episode, triggering memories of a Vietnam War for which she wasn’t even alive, suggesting that she could be a clone of Trieu’s mother.

    Does that mean Will Reeves is a clone? Because a 105-year-old man doesn’t hang Chief Crawford, jump out of a wheelchair, or pull eggs out of boiling water. However, a younger clone of Will Reeves — with the memories of the original Will Reeves attributable to those memory pills — may be able to do most of those things, save for reaching into boiling water and escaping a pair of handcuffs.

    Also, is the original Will Reeves the Hooded Justice? That seems almost obvious now, after learning that Will Reeves — like Hooded Justice — was a cop in the ’40s and ’50s. “Retired young, fell off the grid.”

    In either respect, the pills do hold the answer to who Will Reeves is. “The pills, they’re passive-aggressive exposition,” Trieu tells Reeves. “If you want her to know who you are, just tell her.”

    Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 5.20.42 PM.png

  • What is Veidt doing, anyway? Ummm, isn’t that obvious? He’s selectively pulling clone fetuses out of a pond, growing them into adults using what appears to be a very painful process, and catapulting them into another dimension. Isn’t that how you spent your weekend?

  • What does Veidt want with the horseshoe? We don’t know! Only that he doesn’t need it “yet.” But when he does need it, it may or may not be for eating cake.

  • What does Lady Trieu want with the Clarks’ property? Beats me! But whatever it is, we’re going to find out in “three days” and Angela is going to hate Will Reeves for it. Tick tock, tick tock. I think it has something to do with a real extra-dimensional attack, the kind that Adrian Veidt only faked in the original Watchmen. Trieu, after all, is obsessed with Veidt, and maybe she wants to duplicate what Veidt was unable to do. Indeed, maybe when Veidt was catapulting clones into the sky and watching them disappear, they were actually disappearing into another dimension. Was that actually Veidt who crashed onto the Clark property? Does Trieu want to conspire with Veidt and avenge her mother by … killing Doctor Manhattan?

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  • What’s the role of Vietnam? I’m not entirely sure, but it’s clearly significant. Doctor Manhattan helped the U.S. win the Vietnam War; Angela is from there, where her parents were killed; Cal is from there; Lady Trieu is from Vietnam and her mother likely suffered from something traumatic during the war, which Trieu’s daughter, Bian, (which means “secretive”) is now experiencing in her dreams. It’s also the 51st state!

  • Who is the Lube Man? He is another masked vigilante, who has the ability to slide into sewer drains, which is cool? It’s someone who has a compelling reason to spy on Angela and that could apply to a number of people: Someone working for Laurie? For Lady Trieu? Or even the Seventh Kavalry? It could be Dale Petey himself, either working for Blake or independently.

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  • What’s the deal with Looking Glass? Based on the preview, it looks like we’re getting a Looking Glass episode, including flashbacks to Young Looking Glass, who appears to have been traumatized by the squid attacks. My guess is that the pills that Angela asked Looking Glass to have tested by his ex will end up being ingested by Looking Glass. If those pills are what we think, it’s going to give him some very vivid memories, likely of the original squid attack, a trauma from which Looking Glass is still trying to recover.

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