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Where We Left Off: 'You're The Worst' Edition

By Kristy Puchko | TV | September 9, 2015 |

By Kristy Puchko | TV | September 9, 2015 |

Season one slayed us, and tonight we get to dig back in with our favorite fucked-up foursome with FXX’s You’re The Worst. But in case you haven’t been marathoning season one one the monthly, here’s a handy guide to refresh you on how far these romantic anti-heroes have come (or fallen).

He’s made amends to the photographer who’s studio he trashed, had a bi-curious hook-up, and given Gretchen a much-needed “get your shit together” pep talk. In short, he’s cool, chilling in his Craftsmen style house with ladies lined up to deliver nights in.

This lump of lackluster still doesn’t have a cell phone because his parents are in competition for the show’s title. Plus he might have a drug problem thanks to Edgar’s bringing his dealer into Silver Lake.

Becca & Vernon
He “pregged her up!” But this poor fetus is coming into the Barbara household as a desperate bid to save their hot mess of a marriage. Vernon is an overgrown frat boy still obsessed with binge drinking “trash juice” and bro-ing out with his boys. And Becca is underwhelmed by supposed wedded bliss to the point where she had a “momentary lapse of sanity” and tried to get back into bed with Jimmy.

With the second season, we expect to see slender Becca hating every bit of the ballooning of her belly, frustrated all the while by her manchild mate. We can’t wait.

Lindsay & Paul
Well for starters, they are no longer Lindsay & Paul! After she spent half the first season sleeping around and the other half mocking her better half, the recumbent bike enthusiast demanded a “conscious uncoupling.” Adding salt to the wound of his divorce bombshell, Paul confessed in front of a whole BBQ of people that he didn’t want to have Lindsay’s babies and he was having an affair too— an “emotional affair” with a fellow home-brew maker. Bereft, Lindsay has only her trusty humping pillow Brandon Pointy-Corners for comfort.

It remains to be seen if Paul will return in season two, but Lindsay ended last season with a heartbreaking karaoke jam that sparked an arc-starting fire in her fellow sidekick.

He’s still working through his war-inflicted trauma, but this best of the worst is making some serious strides of self-improvement. After a brief bout of homelessness, Edgar has returned to Jimmy’s house on better terms and with a job. Better yet, with his Lindsay crush, we’re seeing Edgar pursue romance for the first time. Of course, there’s a reason we call it a “crush.”

Teasers for season two reveal Lindsay has become an online dating diva, as well as a morally bankrupt pornographer. So meek Edgar will likely have a hard time getting the attention of this “cockaholic.”

Gretchen & Jimmy
After the great dildo/Christmas lights fire set Gretchen’s garbage heap of an apartment aflame, Jimmy invited her (again) to come live with him. It’s a step down from the proposal Gretchen was expecting, but also a less horrible idea!

At the end of season two, they were intrepidly bringing her stuff into his place. We’ve seen in the teasers their new struggle will not so much be intimacy as keeping their love and passion alive in the face of domestic contentment. Per Lindsay’s demand they will try to “keep it awesome for all of us.” So shit will get wild.

You’re The Worst airs tonight on FXX. Prepare with Edgar’s Nachos a la Jimmy and Gretchen and trash juice. Recipes here.

Kristy Puchko wishes she had a Linsday in her life.

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