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When Will 'Fear the Walking Dead' End, and Answers to Other 'Fear' Questions

By Dustin Rowles | TV | June 12, 2023 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | June 12, 2023 |


The post-Succession/Barry/Yellowjackets Sunday nights are a sad state of affairs when we’re left with little else besides The Idol and the first half of the final season to a spin-off of a 13-year-old franchise. But here we are, folks. And here is where things stand after the first five episodes of season 8 by way of a quick question-and-answer session:

Who Is PADRE? PADRE is an organization that abducts children from their parents with an eye toward creating a stronger future. It’s the 178th “greater good” cult in The Walking Dead franchise. The twist is that this one was started by two kids who lost their father and who have been hiding behind the disguise of a mysterious unidentified man.

Did PADRE find a cure for the zombie virus? Yes and no. PADRE is the 154th cult in The Walking Dead history to search for a cure for the zombie virus. Last season, a character named Alicia survived for months after a zombie bite because she had been exposed to high levels of radiation due to living in the radius of an exploded nuclear bomb. Another character named June got the idea that maybe radiation could slow the zombie infection. She has had mostly negative results, but a kid named Finch has survived for a while (although he is sick again), and there is some speculation that an 8-year-old character named Mo has survived since being bitten by a zombie as an infant because of her exposure to radiation.

Did I hear that Madison is back? Uh, yes. Kim Dickens’ character, who was killed off in the fourth midseason finale, has returned. We never saw her body, so the fact that she was pinned against a fence by hundreds of zombies meant that she could somehow survive. For some reason, despite surviving, she apparently never sought out her family and friends, and though she “died” in Texas, she has been reunited with a few surviving friends in Georgia.

Georgia? Is that where Fear the Walking Dead is set now? We knew the characters left Texas at the end of last season. We now know, because Morgan — a character from the original The Walking Dead played by Lennie James — returned last week to King County, the setting of The Walking Dead pilot episode.

Is Fear the Walking Dead finally on the same timeline as The Walking Dead? Yes, and it is also set in a nearby location. The showrunners insist that doesn’t mean anything. That seems unlikely. There’s no way this show doesn’t end with Morgan reuniting with some of his old The Walking Dead friends. Though Morgan didn’t join Fear until the fourth season, the show is basically centered on his character now.

When will Fear the Walking Dead finally end, anyway? I know, right? It’s going to finish with only three seasons fewer than the mothership. The final season is 12 episodes split into two parts. This week was the fifth episode, so next week will be the mid-season finale, which will air on AMC on Sunday night after The Walking Dead: Dead City, the premiere of the Maggie and Negan spin-off. AMC has not scheduled the back half, but I expect they will come later this summer.

Who died in this week’s episode? Come to think of it, it’s possible that Morgan dies in the midseason finale because the last couple of episodes have tied up loose ends for Morgan. Two episodes ago, he finally put down his zombified son Duane, and in this week’s episode, his “wife” Grace (Karen David) died after being bitten by a zombie. That feels like a set-up.

Where are all those other characters? Honestly, I don’t know! Strand (Colman Domingo), Luciana (Danay Garcia), and Mo (Sarah Rabinowitz) have not been seen this season, and Sarah Rabinowitz isn’t even in the credits anymore. I have no idea what they are up to, but it will be “interesting” to see Strand and Madison reunite, assuming they do. There are at least a few other characters — Wendell, Rabbi Jacob Kessner — who are still alive but missing. Domingo was at the Tony Awards last night, though, lookin’ good!