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What's To Come On 'BoJack Horseman' Season 6 Part 2?

By Kristy Puchko | TV | October 30, 2019 |

By Kristy Puchko | TV | October 30, 2019 |

Bojack-Horseman-Season 6.png

BoJack Horseman has returned to Netflix with 8 new episodes, but that’s not all creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg and his team have in store before the curtain closes on the final season of this critically heralded animated satire. At the end of January, Netflix will offer Season 6 Part 2 with the last 8 episodes to close out the sensational series. So what can we expect for all of our favorite characters in the last leg of BoJack Horseman? Let’s ponder some predictions character by character.

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What’s going to happen to Todd Chavez?
Season 6 Part 1 brought plenty of Todd (Aaron Paul) antics, but has him nicely settled into being a manny for Princess Carolyn’s daughter Ruthie. Then his step-dad showed up, revealing a sad backstory about parental alienation and Todd’s estrangement from his mom. After he retrieved his black-market kidney from White Whale, this thread was cut short when Todd opted out of seeing his newly out-of-a-coma mom. He’s leaving it to her to reach out, which seems guaranteed to happen in Part 2. I suspect Mrs. Hernandez will share a scene and some insight with Princess Carolyn about the pitfalls of motherhood.

Before we move on to PC and her baby, Todd is on the verge of one other major moment. After some fumbled romances with Emily and Yolanda, he’s hopeful his asexuals dating app, All About That Ace, will help him find a match. Maybe he will in the bubbly bunny selling CinnaBunnies at the airport. In a rare moment of altruism, Bojack suggested the app to Maude after witnessing her awkwardly turning down a date with “it’s not a Jesus thing.” The last we see of Todd is him being distracted from calling his mom by the app notification of Maude’s interest. Will Maude be a further diversion from Todd reuniting with his mom? Or will their relationship strengthen his resolve to reach out?

Princess-Carolyn-Bojack-Horseman-season 6.jpg

What’s going to happen to Princess Carolyn?
With a newborn porcupine in her care, this workaholic (Amy Sedaris) had a pricklier time than ever before trying to achieve a work/life balance. By season’s end, she’s hired Todd as a nanny she can actually rely on, and brought Judah (Diedrich Bader) back into the fold to help organize her office. With BoJack avoiding the spotlight for a bit, she’s got a break there. Her Mantee Fair spread should help promote her business to heights beyond the Mr. Peanutbutter TV project “Birthday Dad.” So what’s left for Princess Carolyn to achieve? Love.

We’ve seen this pretty kitty line up a long line of loser lovers. There was her stint as a doormat/f*ck buddy to Bojack. Then there was her romance with Vincent Adultman, who was three kids in a trenchcoat, and Rutabaga Rabitowitz, who was a rascally rabbit with a wife at home. Then there was her mousy beau Ralph Stilton (Raúl Esparza), who showed her love without limit. In the past, this scared this cat off twice, but in the final slate could we finally see this odd couple make it work? Could Princess Carolyn finally have it all?


What’s going to happen to Diane?
At the end of Part 1, Diane (Alison Brie) has moved to Chicago. She is letting her boyfriend Guy (LaKeith Stanfield) into her life, even the messier parts, and she’s writing a book of personal essays. But perhaps most crucial, she’s learning to confront her depression. Just as BoJack did in therapy, Diane is realizing “miserable” isn’t her only option. But as her book cracks open the door of self-reflection, could her ex-husband Mr. PeanutButter come barging back through it?

Mr. Peanutbutter-Bojack-Horseman-season-6.jpg

What’s going to happen to Mr. PeanutButter?
Thanks to Princess Carolyn’s career-saving PR spin, Mr. Peanut Butter (Paul F. Tompkins) is the “face” of depression, going on a press tour with Justin Bieber analog, Joey Pogo (Hillary Swank). This won’t miss Diane’s attention, and will likely rile her perfectionism as there’s no way she’ll approve of how this dopey dog portrays depression, much less how he’s using it as a promotional tool. But is Mr. Peanut Butter depressed? In Part 1, he is uncertain, chiefly because he always seems so happy! But there’s more to depression than seeming sad. It seems like Part 2 is looking to explore the many faces of depression through Mr. Peanut Butter and Diane.

Beyond this, there’s the Pickles problem. Right now, Mr. Peanut Butter has fallen prey to his pattern of picking perky younger women to placate his need for love and affection. Pickles is a lovely pug, but it seems likely this friendly fiancée is on the same track as his three wives before, meaning she will outgrow him. Plus, it seems Pickles has taken the accelerated track with their ill-conceived plan to get even over his infidelity with Diane. She’s sleeping with a slew of guys in order to balance their betrayals. She insists that none of it counts, though, because she doesn’t have a personal connection with these random dudes. Their arc in Part 1 ends with Mr. Peanut Butter realizing the perfect stand-in for cheating on him is his tour buddy and human doppelganger Joey Pogo. It seems certain in Part 2, these two will hit it off and it’ll be Pickles and Pogo paired, which will mean sad times for the Sad Dog. Might that drive him back into Diane’s arms?


What’s going to happen to BoJack Horseman?
In rehab, Bojack has been grappling with the guilt over his many, many terrible actions. In Part 2, BoJack (Will Arnett) may finally suffer the consequences of them, as the storm clouds are gathering across his ominously starry sky.

Season 6 began with BoJack on the brink of confessing to his part in the death of Sarah Lynn (Kristen Schaal) to the cat cop. After narrowly avoiding that, he checked into Pastiches, the rehab clinic where Sarah Lynn had been. Over the months he was there, the late pop star’s estranged mother began to wonder how her sober daughter backslid into a coffin. The final episode of Part 1, “A Quick One, While He’s Away…”, introduces boarish reporter Paige Sinclair and Maximillian Banks, who beyond being a paired parody of His Girl Friday’s Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant, are on the scent of the secret behind Sarah Lynn’s deadly overdose at the planetarium. But that’s not all.

As Kayleigh addressed in her review, the women who’ve suffered because of BoJack’s bad behavior are all struggling in the aftermath. Once heralded indie helmer Kelsey Jannings (Maria Bamford) is in director’s jail because she was fired from the Secretariat project for breaking into the Nixon library, under BoJack’s insistence. She’s busted down to doing commercials for fried chicken, when he got to go on to front his own TV show, Philburt. Which brings us to another of BoJack’s victims.

BoJack’s Philburt co-star Gina Cazador (Stephanie Beatriz) is suffering from PTSD in the wake of what happened on set during a choking stunt that got way too real. She no longer feels safe on set, and so lashes out when things don’t go exactly as planned. In both instances, these talented women who worked hard and did their best by BoJack are being labeled “difficult.” Her own downward spiral is what inspired Kelsey to take an unexpected approach to pitching for the director’s gig of a female-fronted superhero movie. Impassioned, she talks about how women who achieve any power become a threat, despised by others, where men who succeed are loved by all. It wins her the job. But when she thinks about hiring Gina, she’s warned about the actress’s bad attitude.

I suspect Gina and Kelsey will cross paths and will soon thereafter learn how much they really have in common. Perhaps the Fireflame movie will then be inspired by how bad men fail upwards while the women they abuse are treated as little more than footnotes to their scandal stories. Perhaps BoJack will be echoed in the movie-within-the-show’s villain. I doubt either woman will want their stories to go public, because as Gina pointed out in season 5, then they risk becoming attached to him forever in the public eye. But a whisper campaign might poison the well and chase BoJack away from Hollywoo for good.

Where will he go? At the end of Part 1, BoJack was looking for a way of escaping his home in LA and stumbled onto a drama teacher job at Hollyhock’s college in Connecticut. However, he’s unlikely to get a warm welcome from his half-sister when he arrives because of the fateful party in the final ep of Part 1.

In the wake of witnessing BoJack’s drunkenness and being drugged by his abusive mother, Hollyhock (Aparna Nancherla) suffers from anxiety at the idea of drinking or losing control. To get past it, she decides a party and some under-aged boozing is exactly what she needs. There, Hollyhock meets a young Black man named Peter, who helps her through a moment of panic with some advice from his therapist.

You might remember Peter from Season 2. Then he was called Pete Repeat (Jermaine Fowler), a friend of Penny Carson, the young doe BoJack took to prom, got drunk, then nearly hooked up with. It’s a secret BoJack’s been running from ever since. With the drinking bird mentioning Penny’s name directly to Paige, the press will soon be sniffing around this buried disgrace. Yet most detrimental to BoJack might be Hollyhock learning just how low he can go, as it’s she who gets Part 1’s final moment.

Peter talks about his own trauma with alcohol, telling the story of that prom night. How a grown man came with them and gave them bourbon, practically forced it on them. How Pete’s girlfriend got alcohol poisoning, and the man dumped them at the ER and swore them to secrecy about his involvement. Pete doesn’t know what happened after with Penny, but he says the guy was famous. Hollyhock asks who it was. That’s the end of Part 1. With this answer, she’ll learn one of BoJack’s greatest secrets and shames. But what will it mean?

For six seasons, BoJack Horseman has dedicatedly mocked the self-importance of celebrities and cynically explored how the rich and famous sidestep the consequences of their bad actions. Again and again, we’ve seen BoJack narrowly avoid major disasters by succumbing to minor ones. He is punished, but often by his own tendency for self-destruction instead of a greater authority or even public opinion. With just 8 episodes to go, will we see this shift? Will we see Hollywoo truly “cancel” BoJack Horseman? Or will he once more escape and be left to mete out his own punishment?

In the headlines each week, we’re seeing the great myth of cancel culture. Bad men, whether alleged, outed, or admitted, are thriving. They might lose high-profile jobs, but they often do so with golden parachutes, or at least with the comfort of knowing they have millions of dollars to break their fall from grace. Others are happy to shift their personas slightly and try again. Short of the rare creep who actually gets convicted, we don’t see these bad guys pay. We see them lurch back into public life, where think pieces spring up on whether we’ve treated serial rapists too uncivilly.

BoJack Horseman is a show not known for happy endings. While I suspect we’ll see growth and some victories for characters like Todd and Princess Carolyn, I doubt we’ll see BoJack face the condemning authority he’s been tempting all his life. I think he’ll once more be left to try to settle the score on his own. Realizing that doing that through drunkenness only leads to greater harm against others, he may have to look for how he can be a force for good. That won’t be easy. But it could be good.

BoJack Horseman Season 6 Part 2 will hit Netflix on January 31.

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