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The Overlords React To The Biggest Emmy Surprises And Snubs

By Tori Preston | TV | July 12, 2018 |

By Tori Preston | TV | July 12, 2018 |

Sedaris (1).png

It’s that time of year again, when all of TV Land finds out who is in the running to take home a statue for entertaining America on the small screen, and general back-clapping ensues! Dustin already rounded up the top-line Emmy nominations when they were announced (you can check out the complete list straight from the Television Academy here) — and sure, maybe it’s an honor just to be nominated… but let’s be real, here. Some of these nominations are weird! Not everyone who was worthy got a nod, and not everyone who was announced was actually worthy, and then sometimes the Television Academy hit the nail on the fucking head and what I’m trying to say is that At Home With Amy Sedaris better fucking win, OK?!

Look, reacting to the Emmy nominations, like the nomination process itself, is highly subjective. So naturally, the Overlords HAD FEELINGS. Join us as we unpack the happy surprises, painful snubs, and head-scratching confusion of the 2018 Emmy Nominations!

— I realize that At Home With Amy Sedaris probably won’t win for “Outstanding Variety Sketch Series,” but I’m still rooting for it anyway. And as always, Justin Theroux deserves more recognition — this time for his role as Amy’s guest, the astronaut that couldn’t get a boner.

— How the fuck is Thandie Newton only considered a “Supporting Actress” on Westworld. She’s goddamn Neo.

— Seriously, how is Sandra Oh the first Asian American actress to get a nomination for “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama”? But Killing Eve is great, and Oh is great in it, and this is definitely a nomination to celebrate.

— As for the rest of the “Outstanding Lead Actress/Drama” category, Genevieve noted: “With Tatiana Maslany, Keri Russell, and Evan Rachel Wood, I’m wondering if the Emmys are going to have to add a sub-type of “Best Actress - Drama; Multiple Characters.” Which is fair! And it makes me more pissed that Kyle MacLachlan was snubbed for playing Agent Cooper, Evil Cooper, and Dougie on Twin Peaks: The Return.


— Actually, the fact that Twin Peaks was mostly ignored except for technical awards hurts, though at least Lynch got that Directing nod.

— But the Most Painful Snub goes to: DuckTales. Fuck the fuck off with that shit, Emmys.

— Or maybe the biggest snub is for Jared Harris in The Terror? Or Christine Baranski in The Good Fight?

— No wait: It’s Aubrey Plaza. She continued to be great on Legion.

— Oooo or how about the fact that no Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast members got comedy noms? Not even Andre Braugher (though Sterling K. Brown’s guest star nom is well deserved).

— WAIT NO: Biggest snub was The Good Place not making it into the “Outstanding Comedy” category. That’s some bullshit right there.

— But you know what isn’t bullshit, at all? Betty Gilpin’s “Supporting Actress” nom for GLOW.


— Most deserved Emmy snub? Modern Family (OK, it got one for sound mixing, but you know what we mean).

— The Overlords were split on whether The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was worthy or “meh” — I didn’t watch it, but I’ll just assume Seth is wrong (whatever side he falls on (Publisher’s Note: Seth is always wrong. Except this time.).

— Other points of contention: whether Godless deserved that Outstanding Limited Series nom, or whether Mindhunter deserved to get shut out (except for that Guest Star nomination).

— You know that thing where you’re excited to see certain people nominated because you love them in general, regardless of whether or not you give a shit about them in this particular part? Lookin’ at you Letitia Wright and Michael Stuhlbarg. You deserve all the statues, for everything, forever.

— You know that thing where the fucking “Pickle Rick” episode of Rick and Morty gets a nomination, and it kinda completely makes up for every snub? Yeah. That’s the shit right there.


— Unrelated, but try doing a Google Image search for “Pickle Rick.” People are making a LOT of glass Pickle Rick pot pipes, apparently. This has nothing to do with the Emmys, I just found it both interesting and unsurprising. The craftsmanship is on point, too.

— John Legend is an Emmy away from going full EGOT!

— Did anyone watch Patrick Melrose? I didn’t, and I didn’t watch Genius: Picasso either, but for some reason, I’m excited for that Cumberbatch/Banderas face-off for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series/Movie”.

— So here’s a thing: Viola Davis is AMAZING. She’s won and/or been nominated for Lead Actress in a Drama for her role on How To Get Away With Murder every year since 2015. Except for this year, when she was nominated for playing the EXACT SAME CHARACTER… as a guest star on Scandal. Which I’m assuming is just everyone agreeing that Viola has to be nominated somewhere, for something — which I frankly support. As Emily put it: “No one gets to win any awards until Viola Davis and Elizabeth Moss decide they’re fucking done.”

— I don’t know if I’ll cry harder whether Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown wins or loses that “Outstanding Informational Series” award (or any of the other categories it’s nominated in).

— I’m nominating the “Outstanding Short Form Animated Program” as the Best Emmy Category. The nominees are Adventure Time, Robot Chicken, Teen Titans GO!, Steven Universe, and motherfucking We Bare Bears. Percentage-wise, I care more about the shows in this category than in any other.