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'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Pt 2 Recap & Bravo Catch Up: Everyone Pile on DJ James Kennedy!

By Kate Hudson | TV | May 14, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | TV | May 14, 2019 |


Vanderpump Rules

Well, friends, pt 2 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion has come and gone, and the devil was in the details. For me, there was nothing particularly revelatory about what went down, but I definitely enjoyed everyone’s low key reaction shots, particularly when DJ James Kennedy went off on everyone, include Simple Tom (Sandoval) who had been doggedly sticking up for him in spite of DJ James Kennedy being a colossal pr*ck. Oh, and Billie Lee was there for a bit but I wish she wasn’t.

So what did we learn, here?

Well, the Toms (plus Katie and Ariana, obviously,) Doute, and Brax all bought houses (in the valley, I might add, because even Bravo stars can’t afford s*it in West Hollywood) near each other. Lisa piped up that that means there are babies on the way, and honestly, I believe it. Although I’m not sure how that will affect the show—binge drinking irresponsibly isn’t as fun to watch when you know there’s a young child at home.

Andy got to go halfway around the block in Simple Tom’s sidecar before it crapped out, proving once and for all that the motorcycle and sidecar is for show and not actually functional, at all. We all knew that though.

Additionally, we got more into Simple Tom and Jax’s beef over Tom standing up for DJJK after he piled on Britney’s family. Which, fair. At some point, Ariana tried to explain to everyone why Simple Tom was doing that but I don’t care, so his #reasons were lost on me.

Anyway, Doute at one point went after DJJK’s family, which usually I think is a low blow, but as everyone who wasn’t named DJJK pointed out that he clearly used this season to get some sympathy by having his screwy kablooey family on the show. It was a real low point earlier this season to have his mother say to Lisa that she was like a mother figure to DJJK. Lisa, rightfully pointed out to his mother, that she was actually his mom. Anyway, Doute said that he was raised by a*sholes (I think that’s a verbatim quote) and DJJK walked out, ending the episode.

I mean, if we hadn’t just spent an hour with this knucklehead watching him lash out at everyone, tell them he doesn’t give a f*ck about them, and lie to everyone about his sobriety (uh, duh!) Then he cries to Lisa when he gets in trouble over the commercial break (which btw, used to be my go-to move when I was 13 when people were angry at me, I’d just work myself up to tear to get sympathy. So….) I may have felt slightly sorry for him, but not today DJJK. Not today.

Lisa has a soft spot for James, and I think it stems from her desire to rescue strays and some kind of loyalty to his family. I think DJJK’s parents are a train wreck, and probably have been for a very, very long time, which is why I imagine Lisa gives him so many chances. I, however, am not Lisa Vanderpump, so I say get rid of him for next season. I hate his nasty attacks on women based on their appearances.

Speaking of which, we focused a little bit on Katie this ep, and her ultimatum to LVP on DJJK, but not a lot happened. That kind of sums up Katie’s contribution to the reunion eps, tbh.

Anyway, the guest star for this reunion ep was Billie Lee, who had a lot to say to Lala. None of it was particularly compelling, but I died a little at the very, very cringe-y part of her segment when Lisa piped up to say that Billie Lee insinuating that Sur was transphobic because she wasn’t invited to “Girls Night In” was very damaging to all of the women on the stage (and SUR, obviously, too.) That’s kind of America in a nutshell, right now. Without getting into that whole mess again, all I will say is that if Billie Lee thought it was transphobic (which she implied she did by liking social media posts that said it was) then friends? It’s transphobic to Billie Lee. Asking her to walk back those claims is being a s*itty ally. In these instances, I think it’s always best to not err on the side of gaslighting. Don’t tell people their feelings or experiences aren’t jiving with your intentions. Just own up your part, and apologize for making someone feel bad. That’s it. All the SUR ladies had to do was say “I can see how Billie would feel that this was transphobic, but that was never my intention. I’m sorry I hurt her feelings.”

See? It’s that easy, but probably doesn’t make for very good television. So what do I know?!

The only other thing of note this ep (although I always remember one or two good things after the fact) was Ariana saying that no one gave a f*ck when her own dad died, about 5 years ago. Even calling Jax out for saying that she was playing “the dad card” at the time. Jax, in a rare move, apologized. Of course, the only reason he could apologize is because he was in the exactly same situation and knew what it felt like, but let’s call that progress!

Next week is the last ep of the reunion, and it features Beau! So that should be some nice, comedic relief.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

They all went on a camping trip (sans LVP, of course.) Denise Richards talked about happy ending massages, the ladies spent about $600 on food for one night, at the grocery store, then they all went home.

I mean, as far as episodes go, it was fine…it just wasn’t great. Whatever.

Real Housewives of New York

I’ll be honest, I missed last week’s ep—anything good happen?

Alright, I look forward to your comments about the VPR Reunion pt 2, this is always my favorite thread!

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