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These 9 Shows Were Not Eligible for Emmys, So Don't Complain About Their Omissions

By Dustin Rowles | TV | September 13, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | September 13, 2017 |

Hey! The Emmy Awards air live this Sunday night, and they’ll be hosted by Stephen Colbert. In the era of Peak TV, there are too many shows and not enough Emmys to go around, so there will invariably be a lot of snubs. No The Leftovers, no Late Night with Seth Meyers and no Scott Bakula for his guest turn in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (*pause for boos*).

There are other shows that you might like or love, however, that won’t show up at the Emmys this year for another reason: They weren’t eligible. That includes basically everything you watched this summer because the cut-off date is June 1st. So, before you bellyache about the omissions of the following nine shows, check yourself, because they weren’t even eligible.

I’m Sorry on Tru Tv — The best comedy since Brockmire, but since Brockmire wasn’t nominated, I doubt I’m Sorry would have nominated, anyway.

G.L.O.W. — The best new Netflix show since Stranger Things debuted just after the cut-off date, so hold your anger until next year, by which point you will have forgotten about G.L.O.W. because a new, shiny wonderful thing will have come along.

Game of Thrones — It will be weird that the only show anyone has talked about for the last two months won’t be represented at the Emmys, but that’s the way cut-off points work.

Ozark — Probably not a show that would merit much consideration at the Emmys for Best Drama, but Laura Linney has been nominated for five Emmys (winning four) and three Oscars, so Emmy voters might have just written her in out of habit but for the deadline. They’ll have to wait until next year.

Sinner — The USA Network drama seems more of a Golden Globe thing (they love new USA Network shows over there), but it’s really good. Maybe not Emmy-good, but in case you had it in mind to discount the Emmys as a sham because Sinner is not among the nominees, just know that there are many, many other reasons to discount the Emmys as a sham.

Rick & Morty — I mean, technically Adult Swim did air one episode in April, but the bulk of this season’s episodes aired beginning on July 30th, and before that, Rick & Morty hasn’t aired since 2015, so feel free to root for Bob’s Burgers or Archer without concern that Rick & Morty is being ignored.

Twin Peaks — I’m glad you loved Twin Peaks. Good for you. But know it’s not eligible, even though four episodes aired before the cut off date. Why? Because the majority of a season’s episodes must air before June 1st, and Twin Peaks was 412 episodes long, so four hardly constitutes a majority.

Mr. Mercedes — We don’t talk about this show at all, but we should talk about this show all the time. I mean: Brendan Gleeson and Mary Louis Parker in a series developed by David E. Kelley and written, in part, by Denis Lehane and A.M. Holmes and based on the work of Stephen King. It’s also been directed by Jack Bender, the Lost guy. It’s a really great show, but no one is watching it. Also, it began in August, so it obviously wouldn’t be eligible anyway.

Preacher — Oh hush, this season has been shit and you know it, so it wouldn’t matter if it were eligible or not. But Ruth Negga sure is fun to watch, when she’s not being sour, which is all the time on this show.

Bonus: Dear White People — Completely and totally eligible, and it’s a goddamn shame it wasn’t nominated. Stupid Emmy voters.

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