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The Season's 'Quantum Leap' Arc Takes a Dark Turn

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 27, 2023 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 27, 2023 |


Last week, Quantum Leap introduced a captivating new relationship between Ben and Hannah Carson, a character played by Eliza Taylor who will be a regular this season. If Hannah is a regular, that must mean that Ben encounters her several times throughout the season. While they have great chemistry together, it’s hard not to consider the possibility that she is an Evil Leaper, someone from an organization in the original series whose job it was to put things wrong instead of right.

After this week’s episode, “The Lonely Hearts Club,” I’m beginning to think that the evildoer is coming from inside the house. More on that below.

The leap itself is in the year 2000. It concerns a famous but washed-up actor, Neil Russell, played by Tim Matheson (a lot of people who searched for the name of the actor who plays Neil Russell in this week’s episode discovered that Kurt Russell’s dad’s name was Neil Russell and was a journeyman character actor). In the original timeline, Neil is supposed to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote his memoir, but instead goes sailing and disappears forever. Ben needs to prevent that.

Ben leaps into the body of Neil’s personal assistant. Ben soon discovers that Neil’s ex-wife is remarrying and that Neil is unsuccessfully trying to reconcile with her. This storyline dovetails nicely into the relationship dynamic between Ben and Addison. Ben doesn’t want to give up on Addison, who has been involved with Tom for eight months because she thought Ben was dead. Ben and Addison argue, but eventually, Ben realizes that he has to move on. It also turns out that he needs to help Neil move on from his ex-wife and, instead, reconcile with his estranged daughter. That he does! Neil does not go missing; instead, his career is resurrected, and he makes several more movies.

Ben realizes, however, that he cannot move on from Addison as long as she’s his hologram, so he asks that Addison no longer work in that capacity.

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, we learn some things about Addison’s boyfriend, Tom, who not only works on the Quantum Leap project but brings it back to life. There’s some science-y talk, but ultimately, we learn that, under Tom’s guidance, the Quantum Leap processor leaks code outside of H.Q., which is bad. For now, however, there are only two options: Continue to hemorrhage code or lose Ben forever.

Later in the episode, in a conversation with Magic, Tom — who has been watching Ben’s leaps — also suggests that maybe there is no way for Ben (or Dr. Sam Beckett) to return home. Maybe Ben has to sacrifice himself for the project, Tom suggests. Hmmm. Tom wants Ben to die. It sounds like someone doesn’t want his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend to come home. Also, maybe he’s working as a spy for another organization. Perhaps he’s working with the Evil Leapers organization and trying to coordinate leaps with Ben? Hmmm? Hmmm? We know the Evil Leapers have to be involved somehow!

Next week, Magic is the hologram, and it’s set during the L.A. riots. Looks like we’re in for an issue-based episode. I’m happy about that.