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The Possible Inspiration for That Hideous 'Silicon Valley' Jacket

By Dustin Rowles | TV | June 13, 2016 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | June 13, 2016 |

If you watched last night’s season three episode of Silicon Valley, “Bachman’s Earning’s Over-Ride,” you were an unfortunate witness to an appalling assault on decency and fashion. You can see the front of that hideous eyesore in the header image (and my apologies to anyone who had to scan past it to get to the next post — it looks like a NASCAR race car threw up on some fabric), but the back is even worse:


I’m so sorry. This post should come with free blindfolds.

Anyway, it turns out that the jacket may have had some real-life inspiration in the cast itself.

Over on Reddit, a guy named Claude — who works as a stand-in on the show, and occasionally can be seen as a background player — posted about his experiences on the show on Reddit today. One revelation he made was that the jackets were actually inspired by jackets worn by the main cast members.

I’m pretty sure the writers based the whole jacket gag on the fact that the main cast actually DOES have matching jackets with a goofy slogan on the back. They’re always wearing them. I did not realize this the first time I complimented Kumail on his jacket—he thought I was fucking with him.

The jackets in question can be seen here (avert your eyes if you enjoy your eyesight):

Here’s the front. It’s so wrong.


It’s so wrong, in fact, that the scooter gang jackets — which the main cast wears all the time have been memed.


Before you lose faith in the cast, Claude did pass along some very kind words on each of the main cast members and his experience working with them:

The cast is uniformly great—I think the kindest/sweetest in personal interactions is Zach Woods. He really is just the nicest dude in the world. As I mentioned before, I think Kumail was the most generous because he wrote me into the scene to a greater degree when he didn’t have to, and he also told me “Great job! I’m sure we’ll see you again” after my first day. That meant a lot to me.

Thomas Middleditch and TJ Miller are, I think, the most genuinely funny people off-camera. They are always always cracking jokes and doing bits—they used to be a two-man improv team back in the day.

Thomas works in more scenes than just about anybody, which means he has the longest hours and workdays, and his character almost always has to be in a state of stress or frustration in the scene. But he counters that workload by being the most upbeat, silly, energetic person in the room, for 14 hours a day, every single day. He is always ALWAYS making strange songs or doing silly voices or riffing on different bits in between takes. He’s always a smiling ball of positive energy that just lifts up everyone around him. I have so much respect for that guy.

I got to congratulate TJ on having the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time the weekend that ‘Deadpool’ came out, which is pretty cool. He’s another humble, affable dude who’s really thankful to be doing what he’s doing. Martin Starr might be the most chill person of the lot—he’s always got an even keel, nothing phases him or upsets him, and he seems super content and peaceful, day in and day out. On his last day the whole crew got up to give him a congrats and send-off, since he’d be out of town the week of the wrap party. He went around and shook the hands of every single person who worked on the crew that day. He turned a corner and saw me, took a moment and said, “I don’t really know you, do I?”

I laughed and said, “Not really, but it’s been an honor watching you work and learning from you guys.”

He said, “Well right on, man. You take care of yourself. Keep an eye on this place for me.”

Like I said, literally everyone is wonderful!

Claude sounds like a pretty wonderful guy, too.

Source: Reddit