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The Pajiba Power Rankings ("Terriers" Cancelled Edition)

By Dustin Rowles | TV | December 6, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | December 6, 2010 |

It was a fantastic week for drama, but not so much for comedy, as “30 Rock” fails to break the top ten for the first time all season. Rankings are for shows that aired between November 28th and December 4th.

10. Top Chef: All Stars: Sorry, I had to. This is the first entry for a reality show in the Pajiba Power Rankings (it’s one of only three reality shows I watch, including “Survivor” and “Amazing Race.”) “Top Chef” is my favorite reality show, and to basically cast all the best chefs from the entire series’ run in one season made me giddy. Early favorites, anyone? I want Richard to win, but I’ve always had a crush on Casey. And besides Richard, I think that Angelo (robbed of a win by sickness) is probably the best chef of the bunch, even if I’m not such a fan of the guy, personally. Would have liked to have seen the losing Voltaggio brother on this, but otherwise, great casting.

9. Raising Hope: Jason Lee guest starred on this week’s episode as a really, really washed up bar singer, and Garret Dilahunt’s Burt got his moment in the limelight. “Smoke on that, jerk!”

8. Fringe: The Olivia Dunhams are finally back in their respective dimensions, and alter-Dunham is kind of an evil bitch. Too bad about alternative-dimension Broyles, too. That was a stunner.

7. Community: It was strange direction for “Community” this week, away from the pop-culture inspired episodes and toward what was a really sweet episode, in which Troy declined his first adult beverage as a 21 year old in order to take care of the rest of the crew. Also, Abed is not a coat rack, folks.

6. Friday Night Lights: Not to reveal anything about this episode for those who won’t see it until next summer on NBC, but it was nice that the writers allowed almost everyone (except for poor Julie) to have an episode of almost unbridled happiness. The consequences will come next week, but it was nice to see everything work out for one ep.

5. Boardwalk Empire: I know with the wealth of huge dramas last week that some of you may not have caught “Boardwalk” yet, so I don’t want to spoil anything, even from an episode 8 days ago. But damn! Did anyone see that coming?

4. The Walking Dead: The fifth and penultimate episode of the season was a heart breaker, with two characters getting zombified, and the crew making it to the CDC. (See TK’s recap)

3. Dexter: Jordan Chase is coming in to his own as a worthy successor to the Trinity Killer. (See the recap)

2. Terriers: It was a close call between this and the top show of the week. “Sons of Anarchy” got best finale, but “Terriers” had the best overall season, by far. Sadly, it was also the last episode, as F/X shitcanned the show today. (See the recap)

1. Sons of Anarchy: It didn’t make a lot of logical sense, but it was chock-full of oh-shit moments and was an incredibly satisfying conclusion to the season. (See the recap)

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