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'The Magicians' Recap: Eliot and Quentin are Kissing!

By Joelle Monique | TV | February 21, 2019 |

By Joelle Monique | TV | February 21, 2019 |


What Happened?!
Plover found Alice in the library and helped her escape; Margo and Josh banged so Josh won’t have to kill; and Penny worshiped Julia with oil so she could discover what, if any, power she possesses.

What’s Happening?!

Eliot — This week, we finally get a look inside Eliot’s mind. A total state of regression, season one, frequently drunk, mean as nails, and always riding with his codependent partner, Margo, Eliot has returned. He hides in his party house from the ominous knocks on the door. Elliot’s depiction of Margo eventually opens the door. On the other side resides Charlton, the body Eliot shot. Charlton was inhabited by the Beast but miraculously was not destroyed. He explains to Quentin that Q’s been confined to his happy place, the Physical Student’s Cottage at Brakebills. There, losing track of time comes easy. Outside, the happy place exists the remnants of the creature’s cellmates. If Eliot leaves, he may suffer the horrible fate of having the skin ripped from his face and dangled before his eyes. There’s hope for escape. He must find his most repressed and traumatic memory. There, a door to freedom awaits. Easy.


Eliot takes Charlton to the moment he first used magic. He killed his bully, Logan. When no door appears, Eliot remembers something darker. When he was younger, he bullied his only friend, kicking him in the stomach. After visiting the tragic memory, the door still doesn’t appear. So, they make a list of all Eliot’s worst enemies and they go through them one by one. Through his daddy issues, bad hair cuts, sleeping with other people’s boyfriends, and betraying his friends none of Eliot’s memories hold the key to the door. Then he remembers the moment Q proposed a relationship. Afraid of what might happen, Eliot turned him down. THIS IS HIS BIGGEST REGRET! I am such a happy shipper! Bless this show for its fan service.


Margo — Margo has the unfortunate duty of telling Fin about Eliot’s passing. Finn begins the hilarious mourning period which includes crying for two hours, a bare-breasted lament, and the final lay, where she sleeps in a bed shrouded in her beloved’s clothing. On top of the hysterics, Margo needs to know what’s in her Birth Right Box. A mason is able to open it, but all the speaking animals in the kingdom have stopped speaking.


Alice — Alice navigates the fountains with the pedophile, aka Christopher Plover. Eager to reach his happy place, he rushes Alice through the fountains. When he utters the words, “Apologize for your actions, but never for who you are,” he seals his fate. Alice may be cruel, but she won’t suffer the kind of evil residing in Plover. She moves the marker on the map and leads him into the Poison World. So, bye Plover I guess. We won’t miss you. Somewhat satisfied, Alice goes to find Eliot and try to save his life.

Julia — Together, Julia and Shoshanna attempt to discover how Julia should identify. Julia could be a demigod, a god, or simply an immortal human being. When Shoshanna accidentally removes the spell disguising Julia from the rest of the magical world, that bitch Irene McCallister (current owner of most magic and Brakbills) pops right up. She demands Julia cover the Beast/E.E. in the blood drained from a stone. Doing so will result in E.E.’s permanent imprisonment at Black Spire. Shoshanna panics when she hears Irene’s been in the room. Apparently, Iris tricked Bacchus into doing something the king of parting wouldn’t cop to. But Quinten and Julia want answers. Against Shoshanna’s strong protests, the trio begins trying to figure out how the hell to make a stone bleed. Just as they make a breakthrough, EE shows up. Julia convinces him to go to Brakbills to learn more about his Mesopotamian rock.

Quentin — Q stays behind to learn more about the rock and is surprised by the sudden appearance of his longtime lover and frequent tormentor, Alice. Alice just wants to save Q’s life, but the harm she caused in taking magic, cornering Julia, and breaking Q’s heart is too much for Q to bare.

Together they lure EE to the park. Right before Alice pours the blood on EE, Eliot makes his presence known and Q saves him from a lifetime of imprisonment. Of course, Irene senses the plan failed, but couldn’t predict that EE had taken a Cardi B approach and decided to attack on sight. So, goodbye Irene. Julia, fearing EE’s reaction to the appearance of Irene and Eliot’s betrayal, informs EE that the spare parts he’s been ripping from gods and immortals can be put together to build a body. The new plan is to collect all the parts to get the evil out of Eliot’s body, save Eliot, and hopefully banish the demon before it can hurt anyone else. No pressure though.

What Will Happen?!

1. Penny has been kidnapped! The preview from the next week showed that some new kid is trying to send Penny and MARINA to their OG timelines. And maybe our original Penny makes an appearance?! Listen, I’ll take one or the other, but no Penny is unacceptable. Let’s get this figured out.

2. Poor Margo had a hell of a time this episode. Is she being cursed? Is Fillory struggling because there’s no official god? Does she need to grieve to begin moving on? When will they let her know Eliot is still alive? The group is stronger with Margo and I’d like her to join the team again soon.

3. Now that Quinten has given the figurative middle finger to Alice how long do we have to wait until Eliot and Q are a couple? I look forward to the annoyingly infatuated couple getting on their friend’s nerves. They are beautiful and perfect and stunning.


4. Shoshanna sacrificed herself for Julia. I’m no expert on gods but a sacrifice is usually a pretty big turning point for these guys. What will Julia get for her loss?

5. Does EE know Eliot was able to make contact? I know his happy place is supposed to be protected from the monsters, but how long can that last? This feels temporary at best. What will building EE’s original body do? He’s a mistake of the gods! Letting him out was bad enough, giving him his original body seems dangerous.

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