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The Daintification of Freddy Krueger, Man Cleavage, and An Unusually Good Episode

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 26, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 26, 2010 |

Last night’s “Chuck” was probably the best episode since the season premiere. It was Halloween themed, and although it’d have been nice to see Sarah in a Princess Leia costume again (like the Halloween episode three years ago — see header pic), it did give them the perfect opportunity for this Robert Englund stunt casting:


I’m a little annoyed with how Chuck finally reunited with his mother, however. He’s spent the entire season chasing clues to track her down, and he finally finds her when … she calls him. Another thing: Linda Hamilton, from what I understand, turned down roles in the previous Terminator films, but I thought it was basically because she’d retired from actressin’. So, why return for arcs in “Chuck” and that brief one in “Weeds” earlier this season? Seems like a step-down for Linda fucking Hamilton, but then again, she wasn’t exactly lighting up the small screen last night.


Awesome’s Mom also showed up — she’s played by Morgan Fairchild (the go-to in female stunt casting; Harry Hamlin is obvious the go-to in male stunt-casting). Here’s what Morgan looks like these days; can you guess who is older? Morgan Fairchild or Linda Hamilton?


It’s Fairchild, but only by six years. Also, does anyone else think that Topanga could be the love child of Linda Hamilton and the Beast?


Here’s some man cleavage, since there were no gratuitous Yvonne Strahovski shots again this week. Shake it, Jeffster.


Seriously: I don’t like the way that having a pregnant wife has completely emasculated Awesome this season. He’s dippy and annoying.


The MacGuffin in this episode — a toxin that makes you see your worse fears come to life — inspired the scene in Buy More’s House of Terror, which somehow clung to the fine line between lame and hilarious. Is it a baby or a snail?


Having Robert Englund recoil like a little girl at the sight of man feet and Otters was inspired. He ran out in terror, and Sarah clotheslined him:


Here, you can see it was an obvious stunt double, but, give that stunt double some props, folks. That was a superb fall. How do you kick yourself up six feet in the air and then fall on your ass? It was like some sort of backflip that halted halfway around.


Finally, the last moments of the episode offered a damn compelling twist: Chuck’s Mom apparently isn’t a CIA spy, and Sarah has to be the one to kidnap her seconds before she was set to reunited with Ellie. Here’s the friction in Chuck and Sarah’s relationship we’ve all been waiting for — and it was nice, for a change, to have an episode that did not revolve around Chuck’s romantic insecurities.


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