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The Crucial 'Breaking Bad' Scene You Need to See Before the 'Breaking Bad' Movie

By Dustin Rowles | TV | August 26, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | August 26, 2019 |


The Breaking Bad sequel that few people even realized had already been filmed now officially has a title and a release date on Netflix. It’s called El Camino and will arrive on October 11th. There’s a teaser for it, from Netflix, featuring Skinny Pete in the interrogation room, as the cops search for Jesse Pinkman.

Meanwhile, Aaron Paul — who plays Jesse Pinkman — explained that he was able to shoot the entire film without raising any eyebrows by telling folks he was filming a small indie movie in New Mexico, as he told the Times.

If anyone asked him what he was up to during this time, Paul explained, “I just said I was doing this small little indie out in New Mexico and that was it. No one second-guessed it.”

He added, “I definitely had people asking, ‘Are you doing ‘Better Call Saul’?’ And I’d go, ‘Hey, man, I wish I was. But they’re on hiatus right now.’”

On Twitter, Paul also revealed the Breaking Bad scene crucial to preparing for the upcoming film.

The dialogue in that scene — “Ever since I met you, everything I ever cared about is gone, ruined, turned to shit, dead” — suggests to me that El Camino will probably be a redemption movie for Pinkman. We know that in it he will return to his childhood home, and my guess is that Pinkman will try to evade authorities while also making good with the people he so horribly wronged while under the influence of Walter White. Or at least, that’s my read on it, based on that scene. I don’t, however, envision a scenario in which he completely escapes the cops because this is the Breaking Bad universe, and everyone eventually gets their comeuppance. Jesse killed Gale, and there have to be consequences for that. Hopefully, however, Jesse can score some Karma points before he’s apprehended or killed.

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