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The Best and Worst 2021 Super Bowl Commercials

By Dustin Rowles | TV | February 8, 2021 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | February 8, 2021 |


We’ll be along momentarily with the movie and TV trailers, but outside of those, here were the best and worst ads of this year’s Super Bowl.

The Worst

Cure Auto Insurance — Yes, let’s mock sexual harassment to sell car insurance! Great idea!

Doritos 3D — The creepy, two-dimensional Matthew McConaughey ad reminded me of the much better Rocket Mortgage ad from last year with a thin, balding Jason Momoa. That one was funny. This one was just creepy.

Cheetos — Who let Ashton Kutcher sing? And why?

DoorDash —I love Sesame Street and Daveed Diggs, but it’s really the principle of the thing here: If you want to support your local Chili’s, DoorDash is fine. If you want to support actual local restaurants, try to call directly to avoid some of the fees that DoorDash charges them.

Uber Eats — I’m glad that Dana Carvey got a paying gig. (Also, again, with the “eat local” thing, which yes! But not like this, if you can avoid it!).

Oatly — This ad was apparently made in 2014 and has been on Oatly’s YouTube account since then, but they decided to roll it back out for the Super Bowl. I mean, people are talking about it, so I guess as far as brand awareness goes, it has been effective.

The Middle

Springsteen’s Jeep ad honestly felt like an ad for the Biden campaign, although I’m sure some are calling The Boss a neoliberal this morning. It’s a weird way to sell a car, but I do love The Boss, even if his attempts to engage with “the middle” make him appear weirdly out of touch.

The Best

Anheuser-Busch — I hate Budweiser, but I loved the sentiment of the “Let’s grab a beer” ad, mostly because I really miss grabbing a beer with people. Drinking alone is depressing.

Tide — The Jason Alexander hoodie ad was good-terrifying, as opposed to that M. Night Shyamalan ad, which aired in the first goddamn quarter and was bad-terrifying for kids watching the SB with their parents.

State Farm — This may be an indictment of me as a parent and how much TV my kids have seen during the pandemic, because the twins were excited to see Jake the State Farm guy, and couldn’t care less about his stand-in, Drake. I didn’t even know that Jake the State Farm guy was a thing, but knowing as much makes this ad much funnier (also Paul Rudd).

General Motors — “Hey look! It’s the guy from Elf. He got really old, Dad, like you!” my kids said about this ad, which was funny and well-executed on the heels of GM’s announcement that it would be going fully electric by 2035.

Cadillac — I loved Edward Scissorhands, and Cadillac’s ability to bring it back without involving Johnny Depp may have inspired my first ever twinge of delight with Timothee Chalamet.

Toyota — There’s always a big weeper. This year that weeper was the Toyota spot promoting its contributions to the Olympics.

Rocket Mortgage — I don’t care about Rocket Morgage, but they delivered the two funniest ads of the night.

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