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The Best and Weirdest Moments From Adam Pally's Abysmal 'Late Late Show' Guest Host Gig

By Vivian Kane | TV | February 2, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | TV | February 2, 2015 |

During this period before James Corden takes over, The Late Late Show is having a bunch of guest hosts come on. Last night, Adam Pally (Happy Endings, The Mindy Project) hosted the show, and it was possibly on of the best/worst hours of television EVER. It was a complete shit show from start to finish. And everyone knew it. The show is taped without an audience, so all of Pally’s terrible, terrible jokes are met with an uncomfortable silence to just make the whole thing that much more unbearable. You can and definitely should watch the whole episode (you can find that at the bottom), but here were some highlights:

Adam Pally literally not knowing how a microphone works
That, by the way, happened during a Man on the Street bit in which not one person knew who Adam Pally was.

Pally not understanding why he’s there in the first place.

But no one cares.

For a few minutes, he just tells Ben Schwartz (who’s sidekicking) the plot of Bangkok Dangerous.

The whole thing feels more like a psychological experiment than a TV show, and Schwartz cracks pretty early on.

Pally and Schwartz talked with NFL tight end Martellus Bennett about… I don’t even know. Fonts? And then Bennett laid this golden egg of a movie pilot/running commentary inside his head:

Some people say I have the voice of an angel. It’s angelic. With a beard. Could you imagine an angel floating down to Earth right now to save your life with a beard? And tattoos on his body? And he’s just like “Hey, I’m here to save you. Here’s your blessing.” And he hands you a blessing out of his big black hand?


Beth Stern (cat lady, children’s book author, and Howard Stern’s wife) spends a minute or so looking at pictures of Adam’s kids on his phone. Pictures the audience can’t see because everyone seems to repeatedly forget they’re on television.

And then he showed Stern his muffin top.

Finally, Eric Andre had no interest in doing anything but spinning in his chair.

Just watch the whole thing. There’s no possible better use of your time.

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