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'Supernatural' Finale: Look Who Survived!

By Tori Preston | TV | May 19, 2017 |

By Tori Preston | TV | May 19, 2017 |

If you’re reading this, hopefully you watched both episodes of last night’s season finale. And after 12 seasons of world-ending danger, I think we’re all fairly comfortable with the idea that the Winchester boys will be OK. Maybe not emotionally, or spiritually, or hell — even physically. They may not close out the season on our own plane of existence. But they’re always back for another go round.


Castiel and Crowley, on the other hand … not so much. Yes, our favorite ride-or-die angel and demon with a heart of coal have seemingly met their ends (not to mention poor, crispy Rowena). Castiel first fluttered into the show in the beginning of season 4, and Crowley popped up a season later. And no matter how many plot contrivances were thrown their way, the show just couldn’t quit them. Until now.

This season kept the pair apart from the Winchesters a lot of the time, with Cas first looking for Lucifer’s baby momma and then siding with her to protect the child. Meanwhile Crowley was hiding the fact that he had turned Lucifer into his own personal spokesdevil, hoping to cement his hold on Hell’s throne. Those were just two of the narrative threads that needed to be wrapped up in this finale, along with that whole “British Men of Letters are assholes” thing and Mary Winchester’s brainwashing. It was a lot of plot to resolve, and I’m impressed the show pulled it all together in two satisfying hours full of emotion, action, and real stakes. I mean, Crowley realizing he doesn’t actually want to rule hell because, duh, paperwork, and admitting he’ll side with those lovable lumps of flannel in any crisis? That’s demonic character growth!


Also seemingly gone are Mary Winchester and Lucifer, trapped in a dimension where the boys were never born. So obviously that place totally sucks a big one. Apparently having Sam and Dean around to save the world makes it a better place. But hey — at least Bobby is alive there! Hi Bobby!

In a lot of ways, this finale was about cleaning house, and getting ready for a new dynamic moving into next season. The boys will have to deal with Lucifer’s son on their own, without their heavenly, demonly, or British buddies to help. Only, they won’t be entirely on their own …

Because Jody Fucking Mills is alive! That’s right, everybody’s favorite sheriff survived to fight another day! A lot has been made of the disposable women of Supernatural (RIP Charlie, Jo, Ellen…), so you’ll forgive me if I was already planning my personal eulogy for Jody the minute her name popped up on Mary’s kill list. The boys raced to her home to save her from their mom … only to find their mom already tied up because Jody can take care of her own damn self. Hallelujah.

Then Sam leads a group of hunters in an assault on the BMOL compound, and before leaving Jody takes a moment to speak with her adopted daughter — who doesn’t tell her to come back safe, but to kick some ass instead. And you know what? Jody does just that. She survives the assault, and shoots Hess in the head to finish the affair.

I guess it comes down to this for me: I’m sad to lose Cas and Crowley and even Rowena, but I’m not angry they are gone. I’m impressed because, for the first time in a long while, it feels like this finale will have a lasting impact on the show moving forward. And I’m equally I’m impressed Jody didn’t join them — because if she had, THEN I would be angry. I’m delighted that the show has embraced her as a competent woman, and let her be just that rather than a plot device. Though maybe the Winchesters can stop giving her more kids to take care of in the future. She’s got a right to retire someday, right?

Tori Preston is the managing editor of Pajiba. She tweets here. You can also listen to her weekly TV podcast, Podjiba.

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