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Stream It or Nah: Netflix's 'Hit & Run'

By Jen Maravegias | TV | August 11, 2021 |

By Jen Maravegias | TV | August 11, 2021 |

Hit and Run.png

No one is who they appear to be in Netflix’s first original program from Israel, Hit & Run. If you’re familiar with Israeli television, you may recognize many of the folks involved in this show from the popular show, Fauda, which is also available on Netflix. Lior Raz writes and produces as well as stars in this nine-episode espionage thriller. He plays seemingly affable Tel Aviv tour guide, Segev Azulay, whose American wife (Kaelen Ohm) is struck down by a hit and run driver in the first episode.

Raz does a fine job as the grieving widower, whose motivation quickly shifts from uncovering who killed his wife to why she was killed to, finally, asking who his wife really was in the first place. The mystery takes him, and us, from the bright, colorful world of Tel Aviv to the perpetually gloomy city of New York, where Segev enlists former friends and lovers in his quest for the truth of his wife’s identity.

The creators take a “throw everything at the wall” approach to plot devices, but the languid pace makes it difficult to appreciate the stakes here even as they grow over the course of the show’s arc. The story leans heavily on ominous music cues and moody lighting (or lack thereof) to let us know that Very Serious Things are happening as Segev races around New York’s boroughs tracking down leads and evading law enforcement. Meanwhile, back in Tel Aviv, the cousin he enlists to watch over his family — played convincingly by Moran Rosenblatt — faces her own mystery to solve.

Sanaa Lathan is also featured as politically connected New York reporter Naomi Hicks. She’s a former lover and teammate of Segev’s whose attempts to assist with his investigation get her into hot water both personally and professionally. It’s always good to be reminded of how much I like Sanaa Lathan, and she does a good job keeping and uncovering secrets to move the story along.

I don’t want to give too much away, and there is A LOT to give away. Every episode uncovers another piece of the puzzle and leads Segev to another player in the mystery. It’s not very shoot ‘em up action-y but there is some violence, although most of it happens in the dark. I didn’t find it very “thrilling” per se, but there are some strong performances. Gal Toren as the down-on-his-luck, reluctant sidekick has a good turn, and Gregg Henry plays … well, Gregg Henry in every other project you’ve seen him in. Very reliable, that Gregg Henry.

You can check out the trailer here. All nine episodes of the first season are available now to stream on Netflix.

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