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Spoilers: The 'And Just Like that Finale' and Samantha's Cameo

By Dustin Rowles | TV | August 24, 2023 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | August 24, 2023 |


The moment we’ve all been waiting for — one that Warner Brothers probably wildly overpaid to achieve — finally arrived in the And Just Like That season two finale: Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones made her cameo appearance, expected to be her first and last on the series. And how was it? Uneventful!

The season has been building toward Carrie’s decision to sell her apartment and move into a larger space to accommodate herself, Aidan, and his children. Thus, there’s a “last supper” in the finale where all of Carrie’s friends return to the apartment one final time. Samantha, who lives in London, calls Carrie to let her know that she can’t make it due to fog at Heathrow Airport and to bid farewell (on speakerphone) to Carrie’s apartment. “Thank you for everything, you f**king fabulous f**king flat,” she declares before signing off. It lasts just a minute and 17 seconds. Aside from the chance to see Samantha one (perhaps) final time, it’s a non-event, and she doesn’t physically share space with any other characters.

As for the rest of the finale? It was fine. I understand why people love to hate-watch it. However, I’ve never been invested enough to despise it, so it mostly plays like a middling half-hour comedy to me (it’s superior to Cattrall’s other project, How I Met Your Father, though that has its moments too). Here are the highlights:

— Miranda and Steve share a poignant moment at Coney Island, the location of Steve’s hot dog stand, agreeing to remain in each other’s lives as friends.

— Similarly, awkwardness between Miranda and Che is minimal at Carrie’s dinner party. They discuss their issues, with Che agreeing not to joke about Miranda anymore. They concede they weren’t a good match, and after the party, Che finds a new partner while Miranda steps in for her boss in a BBC interview and enjoys a flirty conversation over drinks with a producer named Joy.

— Nya’s election to the American Law Institute initially leaves her feeling unfulfilled, as she lacks a man to share the news with. But she connects with the Michelin Star chef catering Carrie’s dinner party.

— Seema faces her trust and insecurity issues when Ravi — to whom she said “I love you” in last week’s episode — is distracted at the dinner party by a film set problem, necessitating his departure to Egypt. He reassures Seema of his love and commitment to continue their relationship upon his return in five months.

— Charlotte and Harry, after Charlotte’s blackout drunk evening, agree to more evenly share parenting responsibilities. Sadly, Charlotte’s presence in the finale is limited.

— Anthony, after losing his “ass virginity” to his boyfriend, agrees to commit to his much younger Italian lover, Giuseppe.

— Lisa’s miscarriage is treated almost as an afterthought. She and Herbert decide to relinquish their guilt. During the dinner, when Carrie asks everyone to name, with one word, something they’re giving up, Lisa chooses “guilt,” Herbert tells Carrie to come back to him, and she never goes back to him! I’m outraged. Herbert’s choice remains a mystery.

— Finally, And Just Like That attempts to have its cake and eat it too with Aidan and Carrie. Aidan returns to Carrie’s apartment before she sells it, but tells her he must remain in Virginia to care for his troubled 14-year-old. They don’t split; Aidan tells her that they will be taking a five-year break while assuring her that it will pass quickly. They have a lot of farewell sex, and Aidan departs the next day.

Ultimately, that gives Carrie five years to fool around with other people (if she wants), but eventually return to Aidan whenever the series finally ends. Or find someone else and let the Aidan storyline drift. It’s a cop-out.

Afterward, Seema and Carrie enjoy Cosmos on a beach in Greece. Whether Carrie’s apartment is actually sold is a lingering question, presumably to be resolved in season three (Max renewed the series this week).