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So What? You Like "SNL"? That Doesn't Mean You're Gay. It Just Means You're Awful

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 10, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 10, 2010 |

Jane Lynch hosted what’s so far been a lackluster season of “SNL,” despite hosts like Bryan Cranston and Amy Poehler. Surely, Jane Lynch could improve upon the season, right?

She started out well. The opening monologue — where she sang her made-up “Glee” theme song — was fantastic, notwithstanding Fred Armison’s unwelcome bitch-face (sorry, Fred. I haven’t had coffee yet).

The Commercial for the Dammit My Mom’s on Facebook App was funny … two years ago! Amiright? Amiright? Actually, it was still kind of funny last night, too.

“The New Boyfriend Talk Show” also veered into the mildly amusing territory.

Kristen Wiig’s Christine O’Donnell commercial? I didn’t laugh, but I didn’t not laugh, either. Thumbs sideways!

Have you ever seen anyone do a Denzel Washington impression? No? Me neither. It’s pretty fucking fantastic. Seriously: If they hired Jay Pharoah to do only one thing, and that one thing was a Denzell Washington impression, it was totally worth it. If you only watch one skit from last night, this is the skit you should watch.

The Sunday Night Football skit was almost funny, and by “almost funny,” I mean: Not funny at all.

Finally, here’s the Digital Short, but only because I feel obligated.

And those, folks, were last night’s highlights. What that says about the other 50 percent of the show, I’ll let you decide.