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Snakes. Why'd It Have To Be Snakes? 10 Things We Learned From Last Night's "Justified"

By Joanna Robinson | TV | January 23, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | TV | January 23, 2013 |

Things We Learned:

  • The episode opens with Boyd trying to bribe Cassie St. Cyr into taking her true-believer brother and high-tailing it out of Harlan. It would appear Cassie is for sale, Boyd just hasn’t found a big enough carrot. Also, pro-tip Boyd, if you’re going to try to manipulate a woman, maybe don’t open by accusing her of sleeping with her brother. Just a thought.

  • Alright, Graham Yost, I get it. This Lindsay plot line is my punishment for hating Winona. “Oh, you thought Winona stealing money was bad? Well this new sassy girl you like is going to steal to. From Raylan. How’s THAT!?” I am very disappointed, Lindsay. I hope, however, that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Randall and Lindsay. I do like the way Randall is undaunted by Raylan’s swagger.

  • As of this morning, no one on the internet has given me the gift of a Jimmy with a snake attached to his face gif. Hop to it, internet! This’ll have to suffice.

  • I love the way Art talks to his staff. I also love the way Rachel flings the Wyatt Earp nickname around. It works well in conjunction with Randall’s Gary Cooper crack.

  • T’would appear that Eve Munro (played by Julia Campbell who I will always remember for Mean Girl-ing Romy and Michele) is a gen-ooo-wine psychic. Or something similar. Apparently this character was included at the behest of executive producer Timothy Olyphant who, according to creator Graham Yost, is obsessed with this show.

  • Cousin Johnny apparently has a very short memory. Has he forgotten that Boyd put Devil way down in the hole? Anyway, once again, the hobbled Crowder is hoping a more powerful ally will embolden him to take down Boyd. It didn’t work with Limehouse and, much as I love and fear the man, I doubt it will work with Wynn Duffy.

  • But speaking of the Dixie Mafia, we discover that the scary psycho Mason Goines (last seen as a smoldering ghost on “American Horror Story”) works for Theo Tonin and that it’s in Tonin’s best interest to find the elusive Drew Thompson before the Marshals do. As you no doubt notice, Deputy Tim Gutterson had a lot of lines this episode, but I particularly fancied all the ones he barked at Goines.

  • I also enjoyed Rachel’s increased presence this episode even though Raylan’s reaction to her marital woes (“uh, we don’t have to talk about your problems, do we?”) was typically d*ckish.

  • The Drew Thompson mystery has given me a bit of a Recapper Stiffie, mostly because I’m so Drew turns out to be someone we already know. Who would make the most sense…mathematically?


  • Agent Barnes (Cause of Death: That Dreadful Knowledge Of What They Do To Lawmen In Prison.)
  • Preacher Billy St. Cyr (Cause of Death: The Serpent’s Kiss.)

    Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks and Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson Line Count

  • Rachel=12
  • Tim=32

    Potential Yostian Guns
    Yost and his merry band of writers are fond of bringing items and actions from the beginning of the season back around in the finale. (See: Rail Gun, Quarles or Apple Pie, Mags.)

  • Preacher Billy’s Snakes (oh yes, again, some more)
  • Eve Munro’s Gift

    Favorite Lines:
    Every single time they said “Marshal Stiffie.”

    The Gist: Not as strong as the last two episodes, “Truth and Consequences” still delivered plenty of Southern Gothic tropes. Sadly, Preacher Billy’s death has been confirmed by Yost, but I’m hoping Sister Cassie will stick around a bit longer to cause more trouble for Boyd. She’s tough, she’ll be looking for revenge and now she has a martyr figure to exploit. I’m very disappointed in Lindsay and though I doubt we’ve seen the last of her, her absence likely means the return of Winona. I hope the Detroit connection means we’ll see more of Alan Arkin as Theo Tonin this year but, most of all, I’m dying to know just who Drew Thompson is. I hope that pay-off is worth it because some of the other arcs I thought would last longer (the St. Cyrs, boxer Randall), seem to be wrapping up rather quickly. RIP, Billy.

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