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Roseanne Sucks At Quitting Twitter, Declares Herself A Martyr

By Kristy Puchko | TV | May 30, 2018 |

By Kristy Puchko | TV | May 30, 2018 |


Yesterday was quite the day for Roseanne Barr. In the wee hours, she tweeted a blatantly racist comment about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett. And instead of ignoring it, as they have a slew of disturbing comments from their Roseanne headliner, ABC responded to the latest round of Twitter outrage by swiftly/finally canceling her rebooted show. And that’s not all.

Huffpo reports ABC suspended its Emmys campaign for Roseanne. Barr was dropped by her agents at ICM Partners. And Viacom has pulled reruns of the original Roseanne from its networks, while Hulu has pulled it from their streaming service. In short, Roseanne Barr has become persona non grata, and her feeble apology (above) couldn’t save her. Which is maybe why she un-quit Twitter almost immediately. And that’s going about the way you’d expect.

There was the Ambien blaming, the dragging of Sarah Gilbert, and continued attacks on George Soros. She also insisted her comments about Jarrett couldn’t be racist because Barr didn’t know she was black.

“I’m not racist,” has become a running theme of her retweets and replies to fans and detractors alike. To save her garbage fire of a reputation, Barr is striving to rebrand, bigot to martyr. So she’s spinning her remark wasn’t racist, just a bad joke, an Ambien tweet, an honest mistake. But more than that, she counters that liberals get away with this kind of thing . Ignoring the racial context of comparing a black woman to an ape (a dehumanizing comparison that has a long, heinous history), Barr retweeted and responded in support of posts that called out the likes of Bill Maher, Joy Behar, and Keith Olberman. She claims liberal hypocrisy, asserting that there’s a double-standard applied to her because she’s conservative.

Barr knows that Trump stumpers who supported her show and have been pouring praise on the past 24-hours love “free-thinking” and loathe “political correctness.” So she shares tweets like the one below, which posits that the outrage over her calling Jarrett “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby” is just political correctness gone mad. Because Twitter activism is the new fascism?

But Barr’s “I’m not a racist” defense rings hollow when she retweets support from notorious bigot Katie Hopkins.

And though she occasionally shoulders the blame for Roseanne’s cancellation, Barr also made it a point to share the blame with consulting producer Wanda Sykes, suggesting her quitting publicly was a key part of its downfall.

And so behold the martyr, fallen on her own sword but truly slain by social justice warriors, liberal hypocrites, and black women like Jarrett, Sykes, and ABC president Channing Dungey.

But even in her time of tribulation, this martyr begs you to think of her god.

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Kristy Puchko is the managing editor of Pajiba. You can follow her on Twitter.